How to reactivate Android device with broken power button

How to reactivate Android device with broken power button

reactivate Android device with broken power button

A broken power button can make an Android phone unusable. Fortunately, this is not always the case. There are several solutions that will allow you to continue using your smartphone even with the power key broken or at least recovering important data before replacing it. There is no universal method to restart Android devices that present this issue.

Reactivate Android device with broken power button

For this reason I would like to put together some of the most successful techniques that can temporarily solve the problem. If you have a device with a broken power button, surely you will find the method that will work for you.

If the device should be locked on the lock screen, try one of the methods below and also read our guide on how to unlock Android phone.

Power button broken: The Android device on or off?

The method will be different depending on whether the phone is completely switched off or on and simply in standby mode.

Phone turned off

We will start with the procedure in case the phones are completely turned off.

The charging method

The first thing to try is to connect the phone to a charger. Some phones start themselves with this action. If this doesn't work, try connecting it to your laptop via USB. This doesn't work for a large percentage of Android phones, but it takes so little time that it's worth trying.

PC connection

Some smartphones show the percentage of the battery without turning on when, when switched off, they are connected to the power supply. Motorola devices behave this way. A solution that I could test on a Motorola Moto G to connect the smartphone not to the electrical outlet but to a PC. In my case this method worked perfectly and I was able to use the smartphone again.

Use the Volume and Home buttons

Holding down the buttons Volume Gi + Home on the device, you can often access the recovery of the smartphone. From it you can choose to restart the device. Follow these steps.

  1. Charge the mobile phone if it is completely discharged.
  2. Remove the charger if attached.
  3. Hold the Home key and volume key Gi. Attach the charger and wait for the screen to appear download mode.
  4. The writing will appear Volume down: Cancel (restart phone) (this is the function we need: restart the phone).
  5. Now you can release the buttons and unplug the charger.
  6. Press the button Volume Gi
  7. The phone will restart.

The phone may also turn on using another key combination, such as both volume keys while the home key is also pressed.

Use only with the Volume Up button

While the phone is switched off, press the button High volume. If the phone is on, remove the battery. Now connect the USB cable to the PC or alternatively to the power supply. Keep the key pressed Volume Up and you will enter mode recovery mode. Now from recovery you can restart the device From the menu go to the entry reboot system now and the Android operating system will restart. You can now access the home even if the power button does not work and save important data before replacing the phone.

Telephone on

If the phone is on but in standby mode, things are a little easier. Again, connecting it to a charger can wake up different types of devices. You can also use the trick of receiving a call, asking a friend to make the phone ring. If there is a physical home button (instead of a touch screen button), by pressing this, you can usually wake up an Android phone. If your phone has a physical camera button, this should also activate the phone.

Once you wake up, an application can help you

If you have successfully used one of these methods to activate your Android phone, the time has come to install a life-saving app. There are many applications that you can use to turn on the phone again without using the power button. Below you will find some that you can do in your case:

  • Gravity Screen (free) – Use the phone's integrated sensors to detect when the phone is being picked up. It allows you to turn OFF the screen automatically when you put the phone in your pocket or on a table and ACTIVATE the screen when you take it out or lift it. The effectiveness of the application will depend on the quality of the phone's sensors. So it may not be the best solution if the phone is an old model.
  • Proximity Actions (free) – This application uses the proximity sensor to activate certain actions. Turning on the phone is not the default action on the application, but you can select it in the settings.
  • Power Button to Volume Button (free) – The application changes the function of the volume key and the power button. useful only if you have a physical volume button on your Android phone.


The proposed solutions serve to turn on the phone and work around the problem of the broken power button. But they cannot be a definitive solution. These solutions are only useful until you have finally had a chance to solve the problem. Previous applications, even if very useful, can put a strain on the battery, making it run out faster.

Alternatively, you can find DIY solutions on the web for repairing the power button. Please note that repairs carried out by yourself include opening the phone, canceling the warranty. The last hypothesis, the most obvious, is to have it repaired in an authorized service center.

I hope you have found a method to solve, even temporarily, the problem of the broken power button on your Android phone. You may also like this guide: