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How to quickly navigate on Android with Atlas Web Browser

Come navigare velocemente su Android con Atlas Web Browser

In reference to such as quickly navigate on Android, the native browser is certainly not the indicated solution, given that a whole series of browsers are available on the Play Store capable of loading web pages at maximum speed. Among those that ensure a smooth navigation there is certainly Atlas Web Browser, although it is still in beta.

How does this browser work? How to connect to the internet at full speed?

STEP 1: connect to the Play Store and download for free Atlas Web Browser (433 K).

STEP 2: Proceed with the installation on your smartphone or tablet with Android 4.0.3 and higher.

STEP 3: launch the browser released by NextApp Inc. within the business category.

STEP 4: displays the Settings settings directly from the icon located at the top right. And from here you can test the search engine, navigate to full screen through the function Auto-Hide Location Bar and remove the history (Privacy and User Data).

How to quickly browse the Android Atlas Web Browser

STEP 5: if you want to learn such as quickly navigate on Android with Atlas Web Browser, an essential tool that relates to blocking all forms of invasive advertising, from pop-ups to banners, from social plugins to javascript alerts.

STEP 6: among the most useful tools for surfing the Net without slowing down, the tool inside the panel deserves a special mention Site Settings, whose mission basically it is all about the content you want to view. Do you want to reproduce a web page only in text format? Choose the option Text! Do you want to view the contents in total integrity? Choose the option Hi-Fi. With Lo-Fiinstead, almost everyone is shown to you. The Rendering of web pages will certainly benefit.

STEP 7: the last pass on such as quickly navigate on Android it consists in returning to the previously loaded web page and waiting for the provisions set to take effect. The results will be amazing!

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