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How to put more than 5 apps in the Samsung Galaxy toolbox …


With the new Samsung Galaxy S5, the company has introduced in its latest version of the Touchwiz, a "floating" folder called the Toolbox, it can be used at the system level, and to enable / disable toggles directly from the notification bar.Toolbox a drop-down list of shortcuts where you can put up to five of your most used applications, today we're going to see how to put more 5 applications without needing root permissions.

So let's see the procedure to enlarge this toolbox by adding more than 5 applications without necessarily having to have root permissions activated on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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<p style=1. Download the Toolbox S5 Toolbox Add-oned sideload on your mobile phone if you have downloaded it on your computer, take your S5 (do not forget to activate the option to install applications from unknown sources in the device's development settings) .

2. You will now be able to add much more than five applications in the Samsung Toolbox , and choose to run them from any interface. Be careful, however, like the dpi screen of the S5, you cannot add more than 12 applications without distorting everything.

3. If you want to have the Toolbox lists classified with many applications, you can install the S5 Toolbox Addon application directly from the Play Store, paying $ 1.51 and that's all you need.

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