How to protect iPhone 6 and 6S from scratches and falls

How to protect iPhone 6 and 6S from scratches and falls

Apple stands out, compared to its competitors, also for the careful design of its products. I own a iPhone 6S and this refinement turns into a more fragile device to hold in your hand. One always has the feeling that the product can get scratched from one moment to another. For this reason I decided to protect iPhone with a cover and a film. When searching for these products, I had a single idea in mind: not to spoil the design of the product. I really tried a lot of covers and films, both in plastic and in tempered glass, and in the end I managed to find a good compromise.

If you're looking for yourself too a cover and a film to protect iPhone 6 and 6S from scratches and falls, in this article I will show you what I think is the best combination. For the purposes of this article I will especially evaluate the value for money of the products. There are indeed many expensive solutions, but don't list them here. There are good cheap products on the market. We just need to know how to look for them.

How to protect iPhone 6 and 6S

Film search

When buying a new smartphone, first I try to protect the display. very pleasant to use a smartphone without film, especially when the manufacturer uses an oleophobic unit. A display oleophobic when it leaves few fingerprints during its use. Although it is pleasant to use an iPhone without a film, I am afraid that it may get scratched at any moment.

At first, I used a plastic film to protect iPhone. The visual and tactile impact is not comparable to glass feedback. Furthermore, the plastic tends to get scratched very easily. I have discovered the damage for a couple of years tempered glass films and now I tend to apply them to all the devices of friends and relatives. The advantages of a tempered glass film to protect iPhone 6 and 6S are two:

  • Easy assembly. There is no risk of bubbles. Just clean the display thoroughly and apply the film.
  • Display more protected and feeling equal to that given by a display. The glass surface in fact simulates very well that of normal displays, and it will seem to us that no film is applied.

Tempered glass film

The first film I used to protect iPhone the protective film for iPhone 6 and 6S in Aukey tempered glass. A product that can be purchased on Amazon for the price of 7.99. iPhone 6 and 6S have a display with slightly curved glass on the edges. This aspect has made it difficult for film producers, who initially had to make products flush with the display, leaving the curvature of the glass uncovered. This Aukey film is in this range of products. During daily use we note the presence of tempered glass, especially because the thickness of about 0.26mm, therefore perceivable to the touch both when performing gestures on the edge of the screen and when using the home button.

protect iPhone - 1

On the other hand, we have a positive aspectexcellent resistance to scratches and falls. Holding the iPhone in my pocket along with other items like keys or the like, I could see that the tempered glass film had not been scratched. Also also pleasant use. The feeling that you are using a filmless display. The finger slips well, even if some fingerprints are visible against the light.


Be careful when applying the film. need to position it precisely to the millimeter, otherwise the glass will protrude over the curvature of the display and after a few days it will come off completely. To be more precise during the application phase, I recommend having the Home button and the speaker hole as reference points. I tried to position it very precisely, but I could see two bands on the sides of the film, as if it had not adhered perfectly. Fortunately, the problem came back on its own after a few days. Most likely you have to leave time for the film to adhere completely to the edges of the display.


Ultimately I am very satisfied with this film. For I am always looking for a little visible solution to protect iPhone. So when I saw that there are films covering the display even along the curvature of the glass, I decided to try one.

Edge-to-edge tempered glass film

I decided to try Aukey's edge-to-edge tempered glass film. On Amazon this product can be purchased for 7.99. During the purchase of this product we note two particularities. The first is that the film is slightly thicker than that cut flush with the display. We pass from 0.26mm to 0.33mm. The second is that the glass part of the display is colored black or white. You must then select the color of the film depending on the color of your iPhone. I never understood why this solution.


Perhaps to make the film curved on the edges a particular process is needed that causes the glass to lose its transparency on the edges. So the whole film was decided to color. Even for this product, the application on the iPhone is very simple. Also included in the package are wipes, microfilm cloths and a cardboard to facilitate the assembly phase.


The feeling to the touch the same as that of the film I told you about earlier. It has the advantage of wider protection. By making a gesture from the edge of the display, the film is minimally visible. Only the use of the Home button reveals the application of a tempered glass film.


During daily use you have an excellent perception, even though I could see how the color (black or white) of the film tends to cover less than 1mm the display on the lower side. I do not understand if it was wrong to place the film or it is a feature of the product. Generally speaking, I do not know any problems.

Housing search

Between the two products, I decided to use the edge-to-edge tempered glass film. For the case, I initially tried to find the least intrusive solutions to keep the iPhone design intact. For I noticed how the same Aukey also sold one iPhone 6 and 6S case. Being produced by the same company as the film, I thought it was cut to best fit with its products. On Amazon the protective case for iPhone 6 and 6S can be purchased for 6.99. I decided to try it and the feelings were positive in every aspect.


Let's start with the materials. The housing made in thin TPU, a material similar to silicone. very pleasant to the touch and a slight rough texture was inserted afterwards to help better grip the iPhone. The side buttons are all covered but easy to press. Only the vibration switch, easily operated with the fingertip, remains exposed. The cuts for the loudspeaker and inputs are flush at the bottom and do not prevent it from working correctly.


slightly thicker than a 0.33mm case I used earlier. This allows you to have the camera flush with the case, preventing it from touching the desktop when you place the iPhone. I decided to use Aukey's solution for one reason only. The greater thickness (about 1mm) allows to align the edge of the case with the tempered glass film. In this way you will have a single surface and you will not notice the difference between the tempered glass film and the edge.



In conclusion I feel I promote du Aukey products. Finally I found a couple of products valid for protect iPhone 6 and 6S from scratches and falls. Currently my configuration is the following: edge-to-edge tempered glass film and TPU case by Aukey. The total expenditure of around 14.98 and I am fully satisfied with the choice. There are much more expensive solutions on the market. Certainly the overall quality will be higher, but in everyday use I don't think there are many differences. And by buying cheap products, in case of falls or damage it is possible to buy new products without any problem.


point-to-greenThe edge-to-edge film covers the entire surface of the display.

point-to-greenThe paired case and edge-to-edge tempered glass film eliminates any thickness discrepancy between the film and the rest of the device.


point-redEdge-to-edge tempered glass film tends to cover less than 1mm of the lower edge. We need to pay particular attention to this.


point-yellowThe use of a tempered glass film slightly indents the Home key.

point-yellowIf you use the tempered glass film without case you will notice the difference in height with the edge of the device.