How to pair Apple Watch with Android

How to pair Apple Watch with Android

pair Apple Watch with Android

We may like Android and its devices, but in the smartwatch sector, Apple has really beaten them on the field. The first Apple Watches were not excellent, but the third and fourth generation of Apple accessories have become truly unique and desirable, with a refined user interface and an edge-to-edge display that fits perfectly on the wrist. Although Wear OS and Galaxy Watch have fantastic features, in general, Apple watches have better battery life and more advanced features than Google's. The most provocative bet for an Android user, to understand if possible to pair Apple Watch with Android and to make two devices talk that seem so far apart.

Although it seems impossible to make them talk, I can assure you that it is possible to pair Apple Watch with an Android phone, but as you can imagine, there are limitations. I say immediately that the proposed solution is not exactly optimal, but should be used only in case of need and not for normal use.

Pair Apple Watch with Android

On its website, Apple says that you can only synchronize an Apple Watch with an iPhone, and this is mostly true, since the app that allows its association exists only on iOS. Here is the point, for: if you have an Apple Watch LTE, there are a couple of angles that you can smooth on both your phone and watch to make Apple Watch work with Android. Not a solution for which you decide to go and buy an Apple Watch right away, but if you have switched from iPhone to Android and are trying to make your Apple Watch work, you could try using this procedure.

How to pair Apple Watch with Android

applewatch with android

Basically, what we do in this scenario associate the Apple Watch with your iPhone, configure everything to work. Set the iPhone in airplane mode. Remove the SIM from the iPhone, insert the SIM into an Android phone and find a strong LTE signal. Although absolute operation is not guaranteed, we managed to connect it to work in the office.

You need two unlocked phones, one Android and one iPhone, because you'll need to swap the SIM cards. Unless you have two SIM cards from the same service provider, it will only work on unlocked phones.

Here is what we did:

  • Configure your Apple Watch with the iPhone.
  • Make a test call or two to make sure everything is going well.
  • Put the iPhone in airplane mode, or turn it off.
  • Also turn off the Apple Watch.
  • Exchange the SIM from iPhone to your Android phone and start it.
  • Turn on the Apple Watch.
  • Wait for the notification Disconnected disappears on Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch-Android experience

I tried it with a new Apple Watch, an iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S7. Initially the Apple Watch took some time to connect and the signal was a bit uncertain. However, a quick exit to the outside to look for a stronger signal allowed the watch to connect faster, and to have a much better call quality.

You can ask Siri to call the contacts on the phone only if you use the name saved on the SIM, not on the phone. The call quality was good with a strong signal. I was unable to convince Siri to do much more than just send a message and check the weather.

Limitations and setbacks

Once connected, you should be able to make and receive calls and use Siri to perform some basic functions. The two devices do not communicate directly. They use the network to communicate, which is why only basic functions are possible with this method.

You won't be able to use any of Apple Watch's most advanced features and use it for the fitness tracker. Obviously you will not have access to the Smart Watch app on your Android phone and you will only be able to make and receive calls and ask Siri some basic questions. Voice commands can be used to make calls as long as you use the name of the contacts saved on the SIM and not on the Android phone. The other limitation will concern battery life. The Apple Watch doesn't have a fantastic battery, and by using the LTE network constantly, the battery won't last very long.

I believe that the only reason to use this method if your iPhone is not working for a short period of time and you wanted to continue using your Apple Watch. Otherwise, largely unnecessary. It is not possible to use most of the smart functions on the watch and Android has many smart watches that work within its ecosystem. There are many smart watches that are compatible with Android devices and offer many more functions than this method would allow.

However, we have shown that it is possible to pair an Apple Watch with an Android phone and make it work.