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How to make money with Android thanks to CashPirate

How to make money with Android thanks to CashPirate

This guide on how to gain with Android it certainly won't make you rich, but it will allow you to earn the money needed to pay the monthly fee for your mobile promotion or to buy some items on Amazon.

How can you make money on Android through your smartphone? I'll explain it right away: CashPirate an application that pay if we watch videos they offer us, we test free applications or games and if we answer surveys. All very short, it does not take long, at the beginning you will earn an average of $ 2.50 a week, but slowly that andraiavanti will increase the shot.

The application is downloaded directly from Play Store, the very clean interface, does not have any type of banner and is very intuitive, which allows for easy use. The minimum payout to reach 2500 points (1500 you will reach them in 1-2 days) which are equivalent to $ 2.50 obtainable both in the form of payment PayPal or as an Amazon purchase voucher or as a Facebook credit to purchase items in Facebook games.

– The first step to take to earn with Android download and install the CashPirate application. Once the application has started, you just have to enter an email and a password and click on "Sign in o Register ",

– Now a screen will appear asking you to enter a referral code to receive the first 500 points Bonus (1/5 of the Payout), in this case enter my code that GUWSAD and press Register.

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-You are now on the screen main of the program where the first thing you read is precisely the remaining bonus you have (in your case 500) and below you will immediately find the TOP Offer section which are the sponsored offers (the ones that hurry more quickly).

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-To complete aoffer simple, just click on Install App and you will be immediately directed to the page of the Play Store where you just have to download the application, install it and start it; after a few minutes your will be credited points.

After finishing all the TOP Offers, if you click on the top left, you will open a menu, the item that interests you right now "Earn Coins”Which will allow you to earn the points you need to reach the Payout. The first section to consider Pirate Picks, install and start those applications and keep them on your device at least 3 days before uninstalling them (I will assure you the correct allocation of points, do not uninstall them before 3 days even if they have already assigned you the points, they could equally collect them), when you have finished all the Pirate Picks offers you can proceed to do the other ones (which will assign you points more slowly), if after 24 hours you find that you have not been awarded the points you should have, click on the question mark at the top right of the section to send a complaint to the administrators, who will immediately give you the points.

For a bigger profit I advise you to make gods Referral, because from first level referrals you will earn 10% and from second level referrals 5%.

First of all it must be taken into account that possible, allowed and authorized to become referrals of ourselves and that every new referral account has 500 bonus points, therefore a possible strategy :

– create an account A with which to reach the Payout minimum.

– Simultaneously create a B referral account of A reaching the Payout also with this, so that A gudagni from B 250 points (10%).

-Create then a C referral account of B that reaching the Payout will take given 250 points at B (10%) and 125 points at A (5%).

-Once the Payout is finished with C rather than continuing them the collection of points is better to create another account so that you can take advantage of the bonus as long as they are all referrals of B, in order to indirectly top up also the accounts B and A.

Taking all this into consideration, it must be taken into account that the applications are always the same in a certain period of time (i.e. today I will download the same application in any account). therefore it is necessary to keep your device clean and uninstall applications after crediting points by deleting cache and data so that you can download them with another account.

Finally, when you have to to redeem your Payout the application will ask you for your email Paypal if you have selected Paypal as the objective, otherwise I will ask you for your email to send you the voucher Amazon if you have entered the Amazon voucher.

For any questions or clarifications refer to me in the comments box! Happy earning everyone!

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