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How to make intruders disappear from photos with TouchRetouch

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How to make intruders disappear from photos with TouchRetouch –

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One of the most anticipated and heralded features of Photoshop CS5 was the so-called 'content-aware' filter, which with a few clicks would allow you to remove any object or detail from a photo and recreate the background in a likely way. This is a rather particular option, in some ways more suitable for moments of leisure and for use by beginners rather than the professional one. It would not take long, therefore, before low-cost applications based on this function began to spread, and Adva-soft's TouchRetouch just one of them.

Available for both iPhone and iPad, the software allows you to select the details of the image you intend to remove via touch screen, leaving the user the choice of selecting small points or entire elements. An algorithm will reconstruct the background based on the part of the image around you, while some tutorials and an intuitive graphical interface make it a foolproof application. With a few touches you can thus remove people or objects that spoil a photo with your girlfriend, or even, with a little imagination, create funny images. TouchRetouch can be purchased on the App Store at a cost of 79 cents, both in the iPhone and iPod Touch version and in the iPad version.

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