How to make calls from Windows PC with Android

How to make calls from Windows PC with Android

Thanks an official app can deeply connect your computer and mobile phone

call pc(Photo: Microsoft)

Thanks to the official applications developed by Microsoft, the Windows PC and the Android smartphone. So you can go to manage notifications, read text messages, access certain apps and manage a simple one drag and drop from the photo gallery, but above all it allows you to make and receive calls from the computer itself. How to do? The rather simple procedure.

The minimum requirements see Android 7 for the Android smartphone and the Windows 10 version for the computer (with x64 and ARM), therefore the widest range of compatible devices.

The procedure requires a few steps:

Download the application My phone from the Google Play Store; and sign up with Microsoft users from the access panel;

– It will of course be necessary to allow access to contacts, calls, multimedia content, text messages and to remain active in the background, consequently the battery consumption could increase significantly;

– Download the application My phone from the Microsoft Store (it may actually already be installed) and make sure you log in with your Microsoft user on the computer by going to Account from Settings;

– It will be necessary connect via bluetooth smartphone and pc from the appropriate menus, the first by pulling down the quick options curtain and the second by the Settings menu. An identical pin code will appear on both screens and must be confirmed on both devices.

– If everything went according to plan, you will receive a notification that will remain in the appropriate area of ​​the smartphone to indicate the connection. At the first connection you will have to agree by tapping on the virtual button.

By opening the app from a PC, the contents of the smartphone should open, complete with a "Calls" label. By clicking on it, you can initiate a call through the computer or you can answer it in the event of a call received.

In addition, as specified, you will be able to reply to text messages, manage notifications, transfer photos with ease wirelessly or between the various software of both devices.


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