How to make a complete Samsung Galaxy S8 backup

How to make a complete Samsung Galaxy S8 backup

Now on the smartphone we store everything: important documents, photos, videos and music. For this reason it is very important to protect your files by periodically performing a complete backup of the mobile phone. To help you protect your data, we at Guideitech have decided to show you how to make a complete backup of one of the most popular smartphones of the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S8. The Samsung Galaxy S8 backup can be performed in different ways, below you will find the procedures that will help you in the process using your smartphone settings or via Smart Switch.

How to make a complete Samsung Galaxy S8 backup

backup Samsung Galaxy S8

Having a backup of your smartphone could be very useful, especially before performing complex operations like getting root permissions. The winning choice is to make a backup every week or, at least, every month, so that you can sleep peacefully whatever happens. If you think like me and are interested in making a backup of your new Samsung Smartphone, then read on. In this guide, in fact, we will explain how to make a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 + Backup.

To do this, we could choose between two different modes: via phone settings or using Smart Switch.

How to backup Samsung Galaxy S8 via smartphone settings

To make a complete backup of our Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 + via the settings, it is sufficient to perform these simple steps.

  1. Let's go into the Settings of the mobile and click on Cloud and account;
  2. Let's go on the item Backup and restore and select Backup and restore;
  3. We check the words Backup personal data and click on the word Backup settings;
  4. We activate the Automatic backup option and select the types of data we wish to save;
  5. Click on the item Backup now and wait for the operation to finish.

How to backup Samsung Galaxy S8 via Smart Switch

Alternatively, you can make a complete backup of the Galaxy S8 through the use of Smart Switch, an application for Windows and Mac that we can download by clicking on this address. Once the application has been downloaded and installed on your computer, we follow the following steps.

  1. We open the program and after starting we connect our Galaxy S8 or S8 + to the computer;
  2. We await the recognition of the smartphone and click on Back up;
  3. A popup will appear. We press on Backup and grant the Android permissions requested on the smartphone;
  4. We await the end of the backup. Once the operation is completed, under the summary page of the elements of the backup we press the OK button;