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How to locate an Android smartphone with AVG

Come localizzare uno smartphone Android con AVG

If you recently purchased an Android smartphone, one of the first things you need to know how to locate it, and then find it again in case of theft or loss. To help you, with today's guide we point you out how to locate an Android smartphone with AVG, the renowned antivirus which, in addition to keeping malware threats away, is very useful in showing you the geographical position of your terminal on the map. All this for free and comfortably from your pc.

The really simple procedure.

STEP 1: connect to the Play Store and download for free AVG.

STEP 2: installs theantivirus on your smartphone and start it immediately after accepting the conditions of use.

STEP 3: presses the button in rapid succession Men and then on Theft Protection, located at the bottom right.

Android AVG smartphone location

STEP 4: this is the decisive step in reference to how to locate an Android smartphone, because a screen opens from which you have to select the item registration and enter your Gmail email account. By pressing the button twice OK, you will start the location service of your device.

STEP 5: at this point, a fundamental role is rightfully yours. The localization of your smartphone takes place directly online, without the need to download and install third-party software. Connect to the AVG website and, once logged in, press the button Allow, to ensure that the service can interact comfortably with your Google Account.

STEP 6: the guide on how to locate an Android smartphone ends with two clicks Locate come on Next. In a couple of minutes, you will be shown on the display of your smartphone the map of Google Maps complete with your smartphone's position. The very accurate detection. Functions Lock is Wipe respectively allow you to lock your smartphone and remove the content stored in memory. All this for free and remotely.

In case of theft or loss of your smartphone, with this antivirus you will be safe!

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