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How to Listen to Apple's Beats 1 Radio for Free

How to listen to Apple's Beats 1 radio on Android


Apple's Radio Beats 1 online: here's how to listen to it – how to listen to Apple's Beats 1 radio for free. Where can you listen to Apple radioBeats 1?

How and where to listen to Apple's Radio Beats 1.

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Starting from yesterday evening, possible listen free to Apple's laRadio Beats 1, launched in conjunction with Apple Music.

As we anticipated in previous articles, Radio Beats 1 has been officially launched and, starting yesterday, will always be active and play music 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekAs we know, radio broadcasts conducted by adults will alternate in the broadcaster international artists and DJs. It will therefore be a truly interesting and curious radio station to follow, always at our disposal and in completely free way.

Beats 1 unaradio with truly futuristic intent because, at any time of day, it is impossible not to come across a live show, whether it is broadcast from London, New York or Los Angeles. Zane Lowe the true star of the service, based on his experience in BBC Radio 1, while the selection of very high quality music: in the first hour of broadcasting, in fact, Lowe was certainly not wasted: from Brian Eno to Beck, passing through the lindie of the suburbs British, the most sought after dubstep, downtempo, made in USA lhip hop, ethnic contaminations from all over the world. A truly global musical journey which, despite its western nature, does not hesitate to propose mixtures with distant places and sounds that are not strictly mainstream.

Do you also want to listen to Radio Beats 1? Not sure how to listen to Radio Beats 1? No problem.

In this article we explain how to listen to Apple's laRadio Beats 1 for free.

How to listen to Radio Beats 1

Here are the different modes you have available for listen to Apple's Radio Beats 1 for free.

1. From the Music application of iOS 8.4.You can update all your Apple devices by downloading iOS 8.4.

2. From the Music application of iOS 9.If you are already trying iOS 9, open the Music application and you will find the Radio Tab.

3. From iTunes 12.2Apple has just released a new version of iTunes that supports Apple Music for listening to streaming songs but also for listening to Beats 1 radio.

Well, I'd say we're done. These are the methods available to you to listen to Apple's Beats 1 radio for free.

Have you already tried this radio? What do you think? In my opinion cute and represents a useful and nice method to discover new music, obviously for free.

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