How to install watchOS 2.0 beta on Apple Watch

How to install watchOS 2.0 beta on Apple Watch


How to install watchOS 2 beta 1 on Apple Watch. Guide to update Apple Watch awatchOS 2.0 beta 1

Here's how to immediately install watchOS 2.0 on Apple Watch

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Today let's see together how to immediately update the watchOS 2.0 operating system on Apple Watch.

As we well know, in addition to iOS 9 in beta, Apple also presented (and released in beta) watchOS 2.0, the new update for his smartwatch which adds several interesting news. In particular, we have talked aboutwatchOS 2.0in this dedicated article:

After seeing the main ones novelty ofwatchOS 2.0 for Apple Watch,today let's see together how to proceed for update Apple Watch awatchOS 2.0 without waiting for the official release of the update.If you are eager to trywatchOS 2.0on Apple Watch, therefore, today we will explain the steps to follow for immediately update your precious smartwatch to the latest available version of the operating system.


  • do everything at your own risk
  • it is a Beta, characterized by some bugs and problems
  • at the moment we have not yet found a solution to restore the previous version on Apple Watch. Although the beta is fairly stable, we currently don't know how to roll back to the previous version of the system
  • It is necessary to register the UDIDs of the two devices on the developer portal. Some developers on the net say that Apple Watch's AUDID is not necessary, but I haven't personally verified it.

Having said that, we can proceed with the guide for download and installwatchOS 2.0 on Apple Watch.

Being a new device that cannot be connected directly to the computer, updating to a beta version of Apple Watch is a particular one, but certainly not difficult. Let's see how to proceed.

First of all, you must update iyour iPhone to iOS 9.If you don't know how, you can follow our guide:Install iOS 9 Beta 1 without UDID registered on iPhone, iPad and iPod

Before proceeding, make sure that:

  • The Apple Watch has at least 50% remaining charge and is under charge
  • LiPhone is connected to a WiFi network
  • LiPhone is close to the Apple Watch

Once this is done, you can proceed with the guide for update Apple Watch awatchOS 2.0.Here are the steps to follow:

  • Download the watchOS 2 beta Configuration Profile from the developer site
  • Email it to your inbox that you have configured on the iPhone
  • While iPhone and Apple Watch are connected to each other, open the Mail application on iPhone and download the message you just sent yourself
  • Click on the attachment: you will see a message that will allow you to choose where to install the configuration file between iPhone and Apple Watch; choose Apple Watch
  • The clock will restart.
  • As soon as it turns back on, open the Apple Watch App from iPhone and go to General> Software Update
  • Immediately after verification, the application will find a new update available. Start the download.
  • The update requires parecchiotempo (even 1-2 hours) and some restart: have patience.

After the procedure, enjoy yoursApple Watch updated to watchOS 2.0

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