How to install third-party iPhone keyboards

How to install third-party iPhone keyboards

Apple with the release of the version iOS 8 has also introduced the use of third-party apps for the first time. In iOS 8 Apple has added a new feature where you can download third-party iPhone keyboards and use them as the default keyboard. Finally Apple is opening its doors to developers and frankly a good sign. Not only that, with later versions it has also been open to external developers for the installation of other apps.

Not at all the default keyboard offered by Apple will satisfy all users. Everyone has their own need. If you make iPhone a normal use, probably that keyboard can go very well. If you have special needs for fast writing or other special features, then you need to look for other apps that provide keyboard with additional features. There are intelligent keyboards that learn from you adapting to your typing method. We see in this article how to install and use the keyboards of third-party developers.iPhone keyboards

SwiftKey keyboard

The keyboard that I installed on my iPhone and which I consider to be among the best SwiftKey keyboard downloadable free from the App Store, designed for iPhone and iPad and compatible with iOS 9 and later. It is an excellent iPhone keyboard and now all the themes offered are free. The app learns from your writing style and manages to provide you with an intelligent word prediction to use in the sentence you are writing with very precise self-correction. If you also need a quick write, SwiftKey Keyboard reduces the number of keys you need to press, increasing your intelligence over time.

The functions are different and among other things it allows you to type in different languages, has support for over 800 emojis (emoticons) and also typing by swiping your finger on the keyboard with SwiftKey Flow.

How to install third-party iPhone keyboards

  • You openApp Store on your iPhone.
  • Search for the iOS keyboard you want to install, in our case SwifKey Keyboard.
  • Choose SwiftKey keyboard and install the app on the iOS device.
  • The chosen keyboard is automatically added to the list of other keyboards.

third-party keyboards 2

  • At SwiftKey, click on "Lead me there".
  • Now selectKeyboard.

swiftkey third-party keyboards

  • Activate the SwiftKey keyboard and allow full access to the keyboard "SwiftKey".

iphone third-party keyboards

  • Open a messaging application, click and hold the icon "world”Of the current keyboard.

ios third-party keyboards

  • A pop-up will appear to choose the keyboard. SelectSwiftKeymultingue.

third-party keyboards 5

  • Completed the installation. Now click on Next to start using TastieraSwiftkey as default keyboard.

third-party keyboards 6

You have seen the procedure to install SwiftKey Keyboard as default keyboard, but this method can be used to install many other third-party iPhone keyboards.

In addition to the iPhone keyboards apps, there is the possibility of connecting physical keyboards via bluetooth. In this guide we explain how to link them.