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How to install themes on Android Oreo without root

How to install themes on Android Oreo without root

Android known for the level of customization it offers. You can practically edit anything on your Android device. Also, if you have root access, there are many new ports open for you. One thing that users love to do on their device theme. This is where Substratum comes in. The substrate has proven to be the best way to create themes on your device. Unfortunately, for Android Oreo, it requires root access. Well, don't worry, because if you own a device that is running the l

Google doesn't offer it yet, but you still don't want to root your device, keep reading as we show you how to install themes on Android Oreo without root access:

Install the themes on your Android Oreo device

Note : The following method requires the installation of Minimal ADB and Fastboot drivers on the device. You can consult our detailed article on how to install ADB on PC or Mac. I have tried the following method on my Nexus 5X and Pixel, but the method should work properly on any device with Android Oreo.

  • To get started, go up Settings -> System -> Developer Options is active USB debugging.

  • Now download and install the Substratum app (free) on your Android device.

  • Next, download and install the Andromeda app ($ 2.49) on your device.

  • Now that both apps have been downloaded, open the Andromeda app on your device and check its status. Should show "Disconnected" .

  • Now, download Andromeda Desktop Client from here and extract to your PC or Mac.

  • Now connect your Android device to your computer and run the file start_andromeda.bat . A new command prompt window will open, asking you to continue. Press any key to continue with the configuration.

  • Once the configuration is complete, the command prompt window will close automatically and the substratum will start simultaneously on the device.

Note : in some cases, the Substratum app may not open on its own. To ensure that the installation has completed successfully, simply open the Andromeda app on your device to see the connection status. If he says "Connected", then you're good to go and you can start Substratum yourself.

Now that you have Substratum installed on your device, installing a theme is a fairly simple operation. All you have to do go to Play Store and download the theme of your choice . For example, I applied the dark theme on my Nexus 5X with Android 8.0 Oreo.

Once finished, open Substratum, select the theme and apply all the buttons you want, then tap "Create and activate" . And that's all, your theme will be applied.

Install Default Dark Theme using Substratum on Android Oreo

For a more detailed guide on how to install themes using the substrate, read our guide here.

Note : Although the theme remains constant even after a restart, you will be asked to run the Andromeda client again from your PC if you wish to use the Substratum app again. This is because the permissions granted to the Substratum app that uses Andromeda will be revoked on restart and you will be asked to grant them again using the Andromeda client on your PC.

Theme for the Oreo Android device without root

Make your device one of the best things you can do to personalize your smartphone. Initially launched by Sony and continued by RRO, Substratum is the best way to make your device's theme easier. While Substratum ready for rooted devices, Andromeda opens the door to rootless Android Oreo devices. I know I use the themes on my Android Oreo device, but you? Let us know your favorite themes for Android Oreo in the comments section below.

This tutorial was first published on XDA Developers. We tried it and it works without problems.