How to install NDS emulator on iOS 10

How to install NDS emulator on iOS 10

The Nintendo DS, like theGameboy, one of the most appreciated consoles by gamers. Many would like to play Nintendo games on the iPhone and iPad. Nintendo has never released Super Mario, Zelda and other Japanese flagship games on iOS for iOS. For this reason on Guideitech we have often talked about emulators for iOS and how to install NDS emulator. For example, we have written guides on how to install GameBoy emulator on iOS 10.

and a guide on how to install Nintendo DS emulator on iOS 9.

In September 2017 Apple released iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad (you can read all the news of iOS 10 in our article).

The guide to install the Nintendo DS emulator on iOS 9 is no longer compatible with iOS 10. Given the great demand from readers of this blog, I would like to propose youhow to install NDSsu emulator on iOS 10 without any error in the certificates.

You can finally play atSuper Mario,Zelda or i Pokemon without interruption. In the past, in fact, the certificates used by the developer to sign the emulator were often withdrawn by Apple. This led to the impossibility of starting the app with the related loss of games and saves.

By using this guide you will not run the risk of losing all the progress made during the game. But the most important thing is that you can't expect the developer to resolve the issue of certificates. Very often new certificates were made available even after the presentation of the problem. Start playing your favorite Nintendo DS games on your iPhone and iPad with iOS 10 by following this guide.

NDS-su-ios-10-2 emulator

Install NDS emulator on iOS 10


The method that is used for the purpose of this terminal guide install NDSsu emulator on iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad. As mentioned above, you will not have any problems regarding the authorization of the app and the certificates. To solve this problem, you will be shown how to sign the emulator yourself. This way, Apple will not be able to reclaim your certificate and you can play without problems. You will need to keep in mind that, by signing the application independently, the signature will last 7 days.

After 7 days, you will have to re-certify the app via your PC. Do not worry. You will not lose games and bailouts. a mandatory pass to be able to continue playing. At the moment the one described the best compromise I found. The alternative would have been to use the developer's certificates. This practice is inadvisable because Apple can revoke these certificates. Months often pass before they are restored and you will not be able to play until they are revalidated.


Here is everything you need to proceed with the guide.

  • iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 installed.
  • PC with Windows, Linux or a Mac.
  • Nintendo DS Logger,inds, to download on PC / Mac – Link Download.
  • The tool Cydia Impactorthat devise on PC / Mac – Windows | Mac | Linux 64-bit | Linux 32-bit.

How to install NDS emulator on iOS 10

  • After downloading everything you need, start the tool Cydia Impactor on your PC or Mac.
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer via the USB – Lightning cable.
  • Up Cydia Impactora screen similar to the one shown below will appear. Make sure your device name appears in the first field.

NDS emulator - 1

  • Now drag the file iNDS_5.ipa, which he previously downloaded, within the tool Cydia Impactor.

NDS emulator 2

  • You will see a new window appear. Enter your Apple ID account's email address.
  • Press OK and then enter your account password. Confirm entry.

NOTE: if you have 2-step verification enabled on your Apple ID account, you need to create an ad-hoc password in your account settings. To do this go to the site and login with your data. In the section Safety click on Edit. Finally under the heading APP SPECIFIC PASSWORDS select Generate password. You will be asked to enter a password tag. Type GBA4iOS. Copy the proposed password and paste it in the window of Cydia Impactor to proceed.

  • Cydia Impactorwill begin to sign the app indsand then install it on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 10. If the first time you use Cydia Impactor, a warning will appear. Awards OK to proceed.
  • Wait for the installation to finish. Oravai in Settings -> General -> Device management (or Profile and device management).
  • Click on your email address and then on Authorize email address to grant all permits to inds.

NDS emulator 3

  • Return to the Home Screen and start the Nintendo DS emulator for iOS 10 inds.

What to do past 7 days

To install the Nintendo DSsu emulator on iOS 10, sign the app. The certificate you will use has a duration of 7 days. Past 7 days Vedraic the Nintendo DSiNDS emulator could no longer be started and shut down. To restore its operation, follow these simple steps:

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to PC / Mac using the USB – Lightning cable.
  • Start the tool Cydia Impactor.
  • Drag the file iNDS_5.ipainside Cydia Impactor.
  • Enter the email and password of the previously used Apple ID account.

A new certificate will be inserted in the app and you will be able to continue playing without any problems. You will not lose any games or games in the app.

What to do to avoid bailouts

It can be very annoying to lose all the progress of the games. I went through this situation myself and I wanted to find a remedy for it. One of the causes to be attributed to a malfunction of the NintendoDS emulator for iPhone and iPad. It may happen that the emulator stops working and to solve the problem it is necessary to uninstall the app. I have solved this problem by synchronizing all the backups on Dropbox.

By taking this simple step, you don't risk the risk of having to start a game again. Enable this easy feature: go to the emulator and enable settings Dropbox Sync. Each time you make a new save, it will be automatically synchronized on Dropbox. If in the future you need to delete the emulator or it no longer works, it will be sufficient (after its installation) to re-enable synchronization with Dropbox and you will be able to recover all your progress.


Lemulatore inds the best Nintendo DS emulator for iOS 10. It offers different features such as the possibility of uploading saves to Dropbox. I advise you to enable this feature both to be able to play on multiple devices keeping synchronizations saved, and to have a backup copy of your game progress. This way you will never run the risk of having to restart a game from scratch.

These are the steps to install NDSsu emulator on iOS 10. If you have any problems, let us know via the comments in this article.