How to install Lineage OS 14.1 Nougat on LG G5

How to install Lineage OS 14.1 Nougat on LG G5

In this guide, we will see the step by step procedure for installing the Lineage OS 14.1 Nougat ROM on the LG G5 (Intl) device (H850), an advanced and complete Android smartphone in many respects. If you also own this magnificent device and want to customize it, here is how to install Lineage OS 14.1 Nougat on LG G5.

After Cyanogen closed the company and all its services, including CyanogenMod, born LineageOS which replaced CyanogenMod. This new tool started developing the new ROM initially for a couple of devices. The LineageOS company has launched the official Lineage OS 14.1 and now in the official blog, Lineage OS has declared that the official builds are planned for over eighty devices, including LG G5.

WARNING:Even if installing custom ROMs on your phone gives you the control of your device administrator, it also carries many risks. Failure to correctly follow the steps can cause damage to the device and the repair can cost the price of the phone itself. After installing the custom ROM, it is not possible to request the warranty in the event of device malfunction in the future.

How to install Lineage OS 14.1 Nougat on LG G5

install Lineage OS 14.1 Nougat on LG G5


Before installing the Lineage OS 14.1 Nougat custom ROM on LG G5, make sure you have these prerequisites that you find below.

  • This specific method for LG G5 Intl H850. Do not attempt this method on other variants.
  • Your phone must have root permissions.
  • You must have a custom recovery (TWRP) installed on the device. The recovery stock will not work.
  • This process will erase the data on your device, then create a backup of your important data on an SD card or PC.
  • Make sure you have at least a 50% battery charge.
  • In this guide, we assume that you are installing the custom ROM for the first time on your device.

Guide to install Lineage OS 14.1 Nougat on LG G5

  • Follow the steps below carefully to install Lineage OS on LG G5.
  • First of all, download the Lineage Nougat GApps and LG G5 Lineage OS Nougat ROM download on your PC.
  • Connect the device to the PC using a USB / data cable. Make sure your PC has the correct drivers and detect your device.
  • Copy / paste the files downloaded from your PC into your phone's directory. Avoid pasting into folders / subfolders.
  • Now disconnect the phone from the PC and turn it off.
  • Now it is necessary to start custom phone recovery (CWM, TWRP). To do this, press the buttons at the same time Ignition + Volume down to access the phone's recovery mode.
  • Now you have correctly activated the recovery mode. Clean the data by clicking the "Wipe" option.
  • After deleting the data, perform a factory reset of the phone by selecting “Swipe to Factory Reset".
  • Now show the Lineage OS zip file that you recently copied to your device's memory. Approve the procedure by clicking "Swipe to Confirm Flash".
  • Once the ROM flashing process has been successful and you get the message "Successful"On the screen, flash the GApps zip file located in the main memory of the device. Approve the procedure by clicking "Swipe to Confirm Flash".
  • Once this process is completed, a message appears on the screen “Successful". Now, restart the device.
  • The last step is to verify. For this, go up Settings> Phone information to check the installed ROM.

In case you have encountered a problem, write in the comments section. We will do our best to reply and rectify.

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