How to install GBA emulator iOS 10

How to install GBA emulator iOS 10

Who among us does not remember the mythical Pokemon Red and Yellow, or the classic Zelda, Metroid and Super Mario Bros? Titles that have marked the history of videogames and that today, despite the "super graphics" of the new generation of consoles, are still desired. Precisely for this reason we have decided to fill with joy the hearts of all the nostalgics who want to relive the good times of the past. In this guide, in fact, we will explain how to install a GBA iOS 10 emulator, thanks to which it will be possible to play all the old titles released on Game Boy Color It is on Game Boy Advance directly on the iPhone.

How to install GBA emulator iOS 10 without Jailbreak

If you also own an iPhone, you'll be happy to know that there is a GBA iOS 10 emulator that lets you play with any game from the legendary Game Boy and Game Boy Advance. The emulator compatible with almost any iPhone (from 4 to 7, including Plus models) and, above all, does not require the Jailbreak. Works perfectly even with older versions of iOS 10, up to 8.4.1.

All we should do is install an app, call GSE4iOS. Obviously this is an application that is not present on the App Store, but that can still be installed by following the subsequent steps.

  1. First of all we should download the emulator. To do this, open Safari on our iPhone and connect to the following address and click on GBA4iOS 2.1 with the inscription "Signed".

emulator gba ios 102. On the next screen we click on Install and then again on Install GBA4iOS.

3. Once you have downloaded and installed the emulator, we will see the icon appear on our iPhone home screen.

4. At first startup an error message will appear for unauthorized application. This will prevent us from starting the emulator. To get around it, we should go up Settings> General> Device management and press on the item "Benjing Huazhong Long Investiment Management Co."And then on authorize. In doing so, we will notice that by clicking on the app icon this will open without any problem!

emulator gba ios 10emulator gba ios 10

Well, now that we have properly installed the emulator on our iPhone, it's time to start playing. But how to start game titles within the emulator? Simple, we could upload them directly through iTunes, going to the App tab and dragging the Game ROM in the box "GBA4iOS documents”Next to the name of the emulator installed on the iPhone.emulator gba ios 10

As you can see, it is very easy to get the classic games of the best consoles on our iPhone. Let us remember, however, that it is illegal to download the ROM of a game without owning the original version. Therefore, limit yourself to playing only those titles that have been purchased regularly.

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