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How to increase iPhone battery life with BatteryDoctorPro

How to increase iPhone battery life with BatteryDoctorPro


BatteryDoctorPro an excellent Cydia tweak to increase the iPhone battery

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<p style=Does your iPhone battery last too short? Do you want to increase the autonomy of your iPhone but you don't know how to do it?

If you have the jailbreak,BatteryDoctorPro will help you increase the autonomy and battery of your iPhone.

Let's see immediately how it works and what BatteryDoctorPro offers and, above all, how it manages to increase the autonomy and hours of use of your iPhone.

IPhone users who know the BatteryDoctorPro program they know that this is without doubt one of the best applications that can be found on Cydia. Also, very importantly, BatteryDoctorPro available completely free and compatible with iOS 5 with iOS 6 for iPhone and iPod touch.

The application available for a long time now on Cydia, but we point it out to you today because it is certainly among the most useful and interesting of Cydia. For those unfamiliar with BatteryDoctorPro, we simply remember that this excellent program allows you to efficiently manage the consumption of the battery of your iPhone, increasing its autonomy.

After a brief introduction on this software, let's see what it offers, how it works and how to configure it.

After installing BatteryDoctorPro on your iPhone, do a security respring on your iDevice. Now you will have access to the BatteryDoctorPro application directly from the home or to the widget dedicated to the notification center.

The widget, available for the notification center, can be enabled from the Settings menu and allows quick access to the various system settings.

In addition to the widget, however, we also have the actual application ofBatteryDoctorPro.

The default application offers 3 different ways of use, which obviously impact on active connections and settings. Useful the possibility to switch from one mode to another at any time, depending on the place you are in, in order to always have the configuration that best suits your needs.

But the functionality of the program does not end here.

By pressing the percentage of the battery in the status bar, for example, you will have access to information in a similar way to the widget we have seen previously. You will see the mode in use and you can also change it on the fly. Comfortable!

Interesting, then, the possibility of:

  • view the time remaining for the smartphone to fully charge
  • top-up history
  • information on battery condition, temperature and total number of charges, RAM and CPU usage, used space and free disk space, iOS version, serial number, battery capacity and more
  • find out which apps are using the battery
  • free up space on the device with a cleaning tool, which will eliminate all unnecessary files
  • configure general application settings from a dedicated menu.

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As you can see, therefore, this BatteryDoctorPro really allows you to optimize the use of the battery from your smartphone, from every point of view.

But another very useful and effective way to increase the battery life of your iOS smartphone to take advantage of a new feature of BatteryDoctorPro. In practice, the program allows you tochoose a particular period of time after which a certain application in the background will be closed or the device will be blocked, or it will be possible to set everything so that the 3G network is automatically turned off in favor of 2G (EDGE) when the device is locked. Spectacular and very useful!

The BatteryDoctorPro program really very complete and well done. It offers you all the functions you need to optimize the autonomy of your iPhone and to increase battery life. Configuring it correctly will take a while, but in the end your iPhone will last a few more hours!

Absolutely to try, especially because BatteryDoctorPro completely free.


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