How to have gestures for navigation on an Android smartphone …

The gestures for navigation among the apps, they represent an interesting method of interaction with the smartphone, introduced by Google with Android 10, which allows you to speed up and make the user experience is considerably more fluid on the device and switching between installed apps.

According to recent statistics, however, only about 12% of the devices related to the green robot run the latest version of Android 10. If still then your device not been updated or not even expected to get the latest version of the operating system but you want to experience the potential offered from navigation gestures, you just have to follow i steps listed below.

How to get navigation gestures on an older Android version

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  • Then open the app and grant all basic permissions, such as root access, accessibility permissions and drawing on other apps, so as to allow the application to display the interface for navigating gestures, at the bottom of the screen, which will replace the classic navigation bar on your device;Android "width =" 1128 "height =" 580 "srcset =" get-gestures-for-navigation-su-version-Android-non -recente.jpg 1128w, get-gestures-for-navigation-su-version-Android-non-recente-768x395.jpg 768w, https : // get-gestures-for-navigation-su-version-Android-not-recent-696x358.jpg 696w, https: //android.caotic. en / files / 2020/04 / How-to-get-gestures-for-browsing-on-Android-version-not-recent-817x420.jpg 817w "sizes =" (max-width: 1128px) 100vw, 1128px "/ ></li>
<li>After granting all necessary permissions, you can now <strong>enable navigation with gestures</strong> and related functions such as gestures from the left and right side from the main screen of the app;<img  class=

    • After selecting the item related to gestures for navigation, you can now assign the preferred action to the pill-shaped icon below or to the side gestures.

    While the free version of the app only allows you to assign navigation-based actions, the premium version it also includes multimedia controls, screenshot actions, app launch and more.

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