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How to go back to the previous Android version

Come ritornare alla versione precedente Android

How many times, following the update of the Android smartphone with the latest firmware, the results were not up to par? If slowdowns are on the agenda, know such as go back to the previous Android version it can be extremely useful.

There are many procedures available. The downgrade, ie installing the old firmware again, is certainly the most extreme way. There are many risks. Fortunately, not the only one.

Before delving into the discussion, to make all the appropriate attempts in the hope of recovering the current firmware and finding the solution to the problems.

First, I invite you to do the Android reset, in order to return the device to the state of when you purchased it with the current firmware version. In this way, all the problems that cause the device instability are removed.

The procedure of Android reset extremely intuitive: just access the Settings and follow the path Privacy > Restore Factory Data > Reset device> Erase everything. In a few minutes you will have completely reset your device. It is true that you will no longer find the applications previously installed, but you will no longer have problems. As for documents, videos and images saved on external memory cards, it is essential not to select the option Format SD card in order to always have them on smartphone.

Always referring to how to revert to the previous Android version, you will not have been forced to downgrade the firmware.

However, if the results are disappointing, you need the drivers included in the phone, a special application that can flash the firmware, the firmware files.

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<p>As for the application enabled to replace the firmware, for Samsung devices the best  <b>ODIN</b>. Press the key <i>Ops</i>, select the firmware .OPS file, copy it to your smartphone, flag the item next to the box <i>One Package</i>, press the button <i>One Package</i>, select the file <i>.tar.md5</i> and install the program on the phone.</p>
<p>Afterwards, turn off your smartphone and turn it on again by pressing simultaneously <em>Power</em>, <em>Men</em> is <em>Volume</em> and press the button <em>Start</em> to start the <strong>firmware downgrade</strong>.</p>
<p>And for other smartphones are there applications that flash the firmware? S! C HTC Flash Tool for HTC phones, Flash Tool for Sony devices (Xperia included) and Android MKT for most others.</p>
<p>As for the firmware files, instead, type on Google <i>firmware + smartphone name</i> and download from the reference link.</p>
<p>Conclusions: the procedure <b>how to revert to the previous Android version </b> less complex than it seems. Just pay attention to what you download, to avoid compromising the performance of your device.</p>

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