How to get Pixel 2 Launcher on any Android device

How to get Pixel 2 Launcher on any Android device

The search giant Google has just launched its latest smartphones for 2017; Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. I've been a fan of Pixel devices since they debuted last year, as they provided the best, pristine Android experience. For me, Pixel devices are as much about the software experience as the hardware. I especially like what Google does with its Pixel Launcher, making Android even easier and more intuitive to use. With Pixel 2, the beloved Pixel Launcher is undergoing a major overhaul that makes it better than ever. However, since Pixel phones are premium products, not many of us can afford to buy one. That's why it's so sad that so many Android users can't try the new Pixel Launcher. Well, not completely true. You may not have the original Pixel Launcher, but you can customize your Android phone to look and act like it. In this article, we'll show you how you can do the same. So, if you've ever thought, how can I get this new Pixel 2 Launcher, this as you can:

Note : I'm using my Nexus 5X for this tutorial. However, this method works on any device running on Android. Having said that, if your device does not support on-screen navigation buttons, obviously, they will not be shown on the display.

Download Pixel 2 Launcher on any Android device

If you've ever followed our website in the past, you need to know that we love Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher adds a lot of functionality and always the first to transfer features from the latest Android versions to older devices. In addition to the porting of these features, Launcher also allows you to customize every aspect of its look and feel. Today, we will use Nova Launcher to show you how you can customize the home screen to look and behave exactly like the Pixel 2 Launcher. This will be a little longer than our usual how-to, so follow the new Pixel 2 Launcher step by step.

1. The first step that you might have guessed is installing Nova Launcher. If you are already using it, excellent, otherwise, download the Launcher by clicking on this link. You can get most of the features using the free version of Nova Launcher, however, some of the customizations require the paid version. Citer customizations that are limited to the paid versions so you can easily decide if you want them or not.

2. Now start the app and follow the steps indicated in the app to configure the Launcher. Don't read too much, since we'll personalize it later. Therefore keep touching until your Launcher is set . Also, make sure to make it your default Launcher when your smartphone asks you.

3. Now, just to make sure everyone is on the same page, we will delete everything from the home screen, so we all have a clean slate to start with. Just long press the icons and remove them from one to one, until nothing is left on the main screen.

4. Now, let's go to the "Nova Settings" and make the necessary changes. First of all, long press on the Home screen and touch "Settings" . Here where we will make all the changes.

5. First, we'll make sure we have the same "scroll up to open the app drawer gesture" as we do on Pixel 2 Launcher. To do it, tap "App drawers and widgets", therefore Activate "Scroll to open" and deactivate "Scroll indicator". Now, return to the main menu.

6. As you may have noticed, there are no "app labels" on the Pixel 2 Launcher start screen. Enough to get the clean look and remove the app labels tap "Desktop" and therefore select "Icon layout" . Here, disable the "Label" option. Now your icon will not have a label on the main screen.

7. While in the desktop settings, we will also make some other changes. First of all, we will adjust the height and width of the padding . Tap "Fill height" and then select the "Medium" option. Do the same for "Padding Width". This will ensure that all the icons and the widget (which we are going to put on the main screen) will align correctly and imitate the appearance of Pixel 2 Launcher.

8. We need to make another change while we're in the desktop settings, scroll down to find "Page indicator", touch it, then select "None" .

9. Now, return to the main settings menu from Desktop. Here, tap "Dock". Select "Background Dock" and then set "Transparency" to 100% .

10. This all, we're pretty much done with the Settings. Now go back to the main screen and long press. Here, select the widgets and then find the widget "Quick Search Bar" under Nova Launcher and add it to the home screen.

11. Long press the widget and select the "Resize" option. Now resize the widget to match the width of the screen .

12. Again, long press on the widget but this time select the "Edit" option . Here, under "Bar Style" select the first option. Now scroll down to find "Logo Style" and select the colored "G" icon. Also, while you're here enable "Search as overlay" . This will give you the fluid animation effect you get on Pixel 2 Launcher.

13. Now just go back and drag the widget to the bottom of the display. Now add the icons of your favorite apps over the widget to make your Home screen yours. Also, download the Pixel 2 wallpaper and set it as the default wallpaper to give your home screen an original Pixel 2 look.

14. There is still one thing to do. we have to add this fantastic "At a glance" widget which shows your calendar events, along with other information such as weather and weather conditions. To do this, download the "Business Calendar 2" application from the Play Store. Now start the app and quickly go to the installation process by simply granting the necessary permissions and touching the next arrow.

15. Now, on the home screen, long press to select the widget option e Add the Corporate Calendar 2 widget on the home screen . Now, just like we did with the Google search widget, press it at long to resize it to fit the screen width . Once you have finished resizing, click on the gear icon at the top right of the widget.

16. Here, touch the "Colors" menu and then set the opacity to 0% . Then press Save. The widget will not be exactly the same as on the new Pixel phones, but very close. Furthermore, it serves the function correctly, as you can see in the images below.

As you can see, my nexus 5X looks like it's running the new Pixel 2 Launcher. However, the above steps simply match the appearance of Pixel 2 Launcher. Apart from a change in aesthetics, since Pixel 2 Launcher based on Android Oreo, it also offers many more features. "Notification Points" are such an important feature. If you want to bring these features to your device, you can do it too you, but you will need the paid version of Nova Launcher . We've already covered the Notification Point function in a previous article and you can learn how to enable it by clicking here . Also, if you want to bring the enhanced search feature of Pixel 2 Launcher to your phone, you can click here to know how to do it. Just for a comparison between our launcher and Pixel Launcher, I added an image that shows both sides side by side.

Get Pixel 2 on your Android device

The images above compare both the original Pixel 2 Launcher and the one created with Nova Launcher. You can find some minor differences, but more or less the appearance remains the same. The process is a bit long, but it's absolutely worth it. Try it and let us know, how it worked for you. Also, if you feel that the features of Pixel 2 Launcher are missing in the article, let us know and we will include features in a future update. Finally, I'd like to hear from you about the "Made by Google" event. Did you love him, hate him? Lower all your thoughts in the comments section below.