How to get back to the good old YouTube videos of the past

How to get back to the good old YouTube videos of the past

A Chrome extension a must for removing clickbait covers and deceptive thumbnails

Remove custom YouTube thumbnails(Photo: Chrome App Store)

Once upon a time there video thumbnails on YouTube which were nothing more than a frame taken (or chosen) from the movie itself. But one nefarious day, the Google service decided to offer users of upload an external image to represent the loaded clip.

We will never find out who first can be held responsible, but the day came when most of the youtuber – whether they were gamers, chefs, travelers, make up artists, tech reviewers, etc. – they started uploading miniatures more or less all in the same style with oversized writings with an exuberant tone, a little cartoon effects and above all exaggeratedly accentuated expressions.

Just scroll in any search for a horrifying rundown of bulging eyes, wide open mouths and catching phrases that then have nothing to do with what is shown and / or told within the movie itself. How nice would it be to go back in time? Well, thanks to a convenient and commendable extension for Chrome this possible.

It's called Clickbait Remover for YouTube and the name says it all since it can be defined as a tool that removes titles from the portal. As shown in the example photo above, installing this extension on the Google browser and visiting YouTube will give a nice clean to the miniatures eliminating headlines and idiotic expressions.

Above all, you can really open a small window on the real content of the movie to get a more concrete idea of ‚Äč‚Äčwhat it contains. The extension options are very interesting because you can fish therepreview from the beginning, from the middle or from the end of the video (we suggest from the middle); at the same time they can also bring all the tiny titles without those annoying capital letters.

It goes without saying that the operational extension on all YouTube pages from the homepage to the list of channels that follow up to the related.


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