How to get Android notifications on your computer

How to get Android notifications on your computer

Imagine that you are working on your computer, and you hear the mobile phone buzzing in your pocket: a message arrived. Not very tiring to take it out of your pocket and read the notification, but by doing so you interrupt the workflow you are producing at that time. The free application Desktop Notifications solves this annoying problem, very common, through Android notifications on the computer, practically without making any configuration.

This app allows you to receive Android Notifications in your browser and check the notifications that arrive on your phone and read them on the computer desktop while browsing the web. In order to use the application, you need to install some browser extensions:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

How to get Android notifications on your computer

Android notifications on your computer
Android device notifications on the computer screen 2

Once you download the free application from Google Playon the phone, this will direct you to install a browser extension both to Firefox that of Chrome. At this point you only need to add a unique identifier of your device Android obtained by Desktop Notifications, and our device is automatically synchronized with the computer. Now, the notifications that will arrive on your Android phone, will open in a corner of the computer screen, as long as the browser is running.

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<p>Furthermore, it is not required that the phone and the computer are on the same wi-fi network, or paired via Bluetooth, and this can be useful when the phone cannot access the main internet network. A particularity of <strong>Desktop Notifications</strong>  very simple use of the service, in addition to supporting different platforms such as <strong>Linux</strong>, <strong>Windows</strong> is <strong>Mac</strong>.</p>
<p>After installing the application on your phone<strong>Android</strong>, you need to activate the service <strong>Desktop Notifications.</strong>Sulpc instead you need to install the extensions for <strong>Chrome</strong>to download from the relevant links. Then you need to enter the password released by the application. After performing these simple steps, we are ready to receive notifications from the Android device on the computer screen <strong>sms</strong>, <strong>calls</strong>, <strong>e-mail</strong> etc.</p>
<p>This is an excellent solution, and also simple to use to simplify your work in front of a computer screen. As we know, this feature is integrated into Apple devices, but to use it also with Android, this is one of the best solutions.</p>

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