How to fix Odin error stuck on the file hidden.img

How to fix Odin error stuck on the file hidden.img

After trying to flash the firmware of a Galaxy S6 Edge with Odin, Odin has released a failed installation error and stuck on the file hidden.img. Odin could not go further in the procedure, locked on the file hidden.img. Without completing the installation process, the phone did not start up and went on. At this point an error was shown on the screen, signaling that the firmware in a state of malfunction and I immediately went to research on howfix Odin error stuck on the file hidden.img.

The notice says exactly this: "An error occurred while updating the device software. Connect your phone with Samsung Smart Switch to restore it". It might seem easy enough to install Samsung Smart Switch, install the phone's USB drivers and then connect it to the computer. But this procedure does not always work as it should. For an experienced Android user, the quick and simple solution would be to intervene on the hidden.img file. This is exactly what we will do in this guide.Solve Odin error stuck on file hidden.img 1

After searching for corrections online and trying a number of methods, I was finally able to flash the firmware successfully on the phone and restart it. Continue reading to see how to fix Odin error stuck on the hidden.img file and start the phone regularly.

How to fix Odin error stuck on the file hidden.img

  1. First, you need to download the appropriate firmware for your phone. If you're here on this page, it means you've already downloaded it and that's why you're having this problem. Assuming the firmware is correct, you need to copy the file firmware.tar.md5 on the computer desktop in a separate folder.
  2. Now download and install the 7zip or another compression tool as you like.
  3. Now right-click on the file firmware.tar.md5. Click on 7zip> Extract here.
  4. Start extracting the firmware.tar.md5 file and you will have all the unzipped files of the zip file in a minute. Move the firmware.tar.md5 file to another folder to avoid any confusion and make the process easier.
  5. Among the extracted files you will find a file called hidden.img. Delete this file.Solve Odin error stuck on file hidden.img 2
  6. After deleting the file, select all other files one by one.
  7. After selecting all the files, right-click on any file to view the options.
  8. Now click on 7zip> Add to archive. This will bring up an archive option box. Select the type of compression .tar. In the file name, copy and paste the name of the original firmware file. Make sure the name is followed by the .tar extension.Solve Odin error stuck on file hidden.img 3Solve Odin error stuck on file hidden.img 4
  9. Start the archiving process now. Quickly create a new file firmware.tar.
  10. This new firmware.tar file will be without the file hidden.img. Now you can flash this new file and the procedure should now go smoothly and finally flash the firmware on your phone.

Solve Odin error stuck on file hidden.img 5Flashare file hidden.img after failed with Odin

  1. Just in case you need or request the file hidden.img, there is a method for flashing this too, which in the previous procedure was excluded. Here's what you need to do.
  2. Make sure you have disabled the option Auto-Reboot in Odin.
  3. Install the complete firmware in the original form. This without extracting the hidden.img file.
  4. As soon as the firmware installation process gives the error on hidden.img, disconnect the phone from the PC.
  5. Click on the button Reset in Odin which is right next to the start button. We will cancel everything in Odin.
  6. Now extract the firmware you just flashed.
  7. You will get the hidden.img file from the extracted content. Rename this file to hidden.img.tar.Solve Odin error stuck on file hidden.img 6
  8. The phone still in download mode with the installation failed. Hold down the button Volume Gi + Home + Power button to restart it in download mode. Do not restart it in any other mode. It must be restarted in download mode once more.
  9. Once back in the download mode, connect it to your PC. Odin read your phone again.
  10. Click on the tab AP in Odin and this time select the file hidden.img.tar.
  11. Install this file and restart the phone.Solve Odin error stuck on file hidden.img 7
  12. Congratulations! You flashed the firmware with the file hidden.img. all.

After seeing how to fix Odin error locked on the hidden.img file you can normally use your smartphone with the new firmware.