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How to find out if an iPhone is stolen

How to find out if an iPhone is stolen


Here's how to find out if a stolen iPhone: the methods available today

IdeaGeek's friends recently published a very interesting article, which I report partially below.

Today's article, in fact, explains how to check if the used iPhone you are buying is stolen or not.

Also due to the crisis of this period, more and more people buy and resell products on the classic flea markets and used forums, such as eBay Classifieds, eBay, or other forums on the web. Obviously when buying a used smartphone, always check that, in addition to the device, there are the box, the accessories and the receipt for the guarantee.

In the case of Apple productsHowever, the receipt for the guarantee is not so fundamental: as you know, in fact, Apple products are covered by a guarantee linked to the product serial and the guarantee is activated as soon as the smartphone is activated for the first time with a PC / Mac. In this way, repairing a broken iPhone under warranty is a simple, fast and immediate operation, but there is a downside. Since Apple does not require any proof of purchase to repair products under warranty, Apple products are often sold and bought on the second-hand markets without a receipt and without an invoice.

This would not be a problem, were it not that, at the same time, Apple products are highly coveted and expensive and often subject to theft. So, you may happen to regularly buy a used iPhone, only to find out that it was actually stolen.

So, to prevent any problem, here's how you can check if the used iPhone you are buying is of legitimate origin or has been stolen. There are 3 procedures available, it being understood that it is always better to buy only products that also have a receipt.

How to find out if a stolen iPhone

Let's start with the 3 methods you have available to find out if the iPhone you are buying is stolen or not.


A first method is to contact Apple customer service directly and communicate the serial number and theiPhone IMEI code whose origin you want to ask.

In this way you can directly ask the operator if if it turns out that the phone has been blocked / reported for theft or loss.

Comfortable, but a long time to do.


A second method represented by the possibility of connecting directly to the following page and entering the serial number of the device.

I remember that to find the iPhone serial number, you have to go to:


Once the data has been entered and sent to the Apple servers, a new window will tell you about warranties the iPhone will also give you information on the current status of the device.

The item to be taken into consideration is the first oneValid purchase datewhich means that the iPhone was registered and bought in the store.

This method, however, does not tell you whether the iPhone has been stolen or not. It only tells you if the iPhone is still under warranty.


A third method would be to use the,which allows you to find your device if you have lost it and in any case to find out if someone has reported the disappearance of the iPhone you are about to buy.

Check if the iPhone you are about to buy has been stolen very simple: just connect to this pageenter the serial number of the iPhone you are about to buy or that you have just bought.

If a user has made the report for theft or loss, the writing stolen will appear; otherwise, it will confirm that it has been purchased regularly.

For the moment, everything. These are the 3 methods that our friends have reported to find out if an iPhone has been stolen.


Before buying the iPhone, always try it with your SIM. If the iPhone you are about to buy has been stolen and the owner has blocked it by reporting an IMEI code, the iPhone would always show the message NO SERVICE, with any SIM.

In fact, a stolen iPhone that has been blocked via IMEI cannot connect to the telephone network and in practice does not work in any way.

Before buying the iPhone, therefore, check that it reads your SIM card and that it takes the phone signal. If it shows the message NO SERVICE do not buy it, because it is probably stolen (or in any case has some problems since it does not receive the telephone signal).

Obviously if you know other similar methods write them in the comments and we will update the guide!


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