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How to download Spotify in India on iOS

How to download Spotify in India on iOS

Spotify – one of the leading music streaming services in the world – unfortunately not available in India. And even if beyond my understanding why they would, the good news that you can still use Spotify in India and listen to the entire Spotify library. While it is possible to easily install Spotify on Android via an APK file, the process on iOS is a little more complicated. So if you are in India and are looking to download and use Spotify on your iPhone or iPad, here how to download Spotify in India:

Creation of a U.S. Apple ID

The iTunes Store uses the region of your Apple ID to decide which store in the country is displayed on your iPhone. This means that as long as you have an Apple ID with the region set in the United States, you should be able to access the store in the United States and download the available apps. To create a new Apple ID for the store in the United States, just follow the steps below:

Note : make sure you have access to an email ID that has not been used to create an Apple ID in the past. If necessary, you can use a temporary email ID from services like Teleosaurs. Make sure you don't save your credit card information in these Apple IDs, as these emails are relatively easy to access. For a safer alternative, try encrypted email services like Tutanota.

  • Go to the Apple ID website and click " Create your Apple ID ". Fill in all the details on the form, enter the captcha and click "Go on"

  • You will receive a verification code from Apple, enter it on the next screen and click "Go on".

  • Just sign in with your new ID and password. You may receive your safety questions, so make sure you have the answers ready.

Once these steps are complete, you will have an Apple ID that can make purchases (or downloads) from the American App Store. Go on.

Switch to the US App Store and download Spotify on iPhone

Now that you have a valid Apple ID in the U.S., you just need to switch to the U.S. App Store on your iPhone and you'll be able to download Spotify very easily. Follow the steps below:

  • On your iPhone, go to the App Store, scroll down, touch your Apple ID, then " Go out ".

  • So you can sign in to your new Apple ID . You will be automatically transferred to the U.S. store, since your U.S.-based Apple ID.

  • then you can use the search function in the App Store to search for Spotify (free).

After doing so, you will be able to download and use Spotify on your iPhone.

Using Spotify in India

Now that you have Spotify installed on your iPhone, now let's set it up and make it work. The process is actually quite simple. If you simply want to use Spotify's free tier, you can simply launch the app and sign up. However, if you want to use Spotify Premium, you must sign up for your Premium plan, which requires a credit card based in the United States. Fortunately, you can use a service like EntroPay (visit) to get a U.S.-based virtual debit card and use it to sign up for Spotify Premium. Not too complicated, and if you want to know how to use EntroPay, check out the EntroPay section in our article on how to configure Amazon Echo.

Easily download Spotify to India on iPhone or iPad

You can use this method to easily download Spotify to India and enjoy your favorite music alongside music edited by Spotify editors. Spotify is definitely a great way to discover new music and enjoy the music you already know and love. Installing Spotify on iOS is not as simple as I would have liked, but not even as difficult.

So which music streaming service are you using and is it working well for you? Also, share your views on Spotify and Apple Music, and whichever you prefer, in the comments section below.