How to download music on iPhone

How to download music on iPhone

Your iPhone empty of music tracks? You can easily fill it in a completely legal way using one of the recommended apps in this guide, where you will see all the best tools for download music on iPhone and thus fill the music library with songs.

You can freely create your favorite playlists and listen to them whenever you want and wherever you want on your iPhone. The ones you find below are completely legal solutions that you will have heard of but don't know how to use them.

Download music on iPhone with iTunes

The first service that you can use to download music on iPhone definitely iTunes. This service offers a program for Windows and Mac PCs that can index all the music on the hard drive to make it immediately available on the iPhone; alternatively you can buy the songs and albums of your interest in theiTunes Store.

To download iTunes on your PC or Mac use the following link.


download music on iPhone

Once you have downloaded the songs on your PC or Mac, simply connect the iPhone to download the songs on the portable device. Alternatively you can access the iTunes Store directly from the iPhone by tapping on the music icon (Music) and taking you to the menu Discoveror Search for.

how to download music on iphone

Tracks can be purchased on any platform using a credit card, a rechargeable card or by charging the remaining credit with the appropriate iTunes top-ups (they can be found in supermarkets or in large electronic chains). Purchased songs can also be moved and played on other players compatible with Apple audio formats.

Download music on iPhone with Music

Music a new service offered by Apple to listen to music without limits, with the possibility of downloading all the songs we want into the iPhone's internal memory. This service can be tried in a completely free way for 3 months, after which we will have to subscribe to continue unlimited listening and downloading of songs.

how to download music on iphone

Once the service to download music on iPhone is enabled, simply tap on the three dots next to the song or album of your interest and then select the item Make it available offline.

Note: downloaded songs can only be played in Apple Music not on other players.

Download music on iPhone with Spotify

Spotify is the service most used to listen to streaming music and also allows you to download your favorite songs and albums in the internal memory, so you can listen to them at any time! To download Spotify on iPhone you can use the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Spotify

how to download music on iphone

Once the Premium version is activated, it will be possible to download the songs or albums by selecting them and enabling the buttonAvailable offline. Alternatively you can select the three dots on individual tracks or albums and select the option Available offline.

Spotify Premium can try it for free for 30 days or more (if there are special offers); at the end of the trial period you will have to sign up for a subscription in order to continue downloading the songs and listen to them offline without Internet connection.

Note: downloaded songs can only be played on Spotify not on other players.

More apps to download music on iPhone

In addition to the services and apps that I have recommended above, you can use one of the following services to download music to iPhone or to listen to it in streaming without limits.

These services also offer a free trial period so you can download music on iPhone for free and decide only later whether to continue using the service by paying a monthly subscription.

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