How to download Instagram photos from Android

How to download Instagram photos from Android

If you use this social network, perhaps you already know that by accessing your Instagram account from the website ( on your computer, you can easily download the photos that upload your friends by simply clicking on the item Downloadpresent under each photo. But what if you wanted to download a photo of Instagram using your Android smartphone? In this guide we will see how to download Instagram photos from your Android device.

Unfortunately there is no function specifically integrated in the application. However, you only need to download one of the applications I listed below to be able to download Instagram photos with your Android smartphone.

To do this, on your Android device you will need to download some apps that do this job. The applications that I have selected for you, as better than the competitors in terms of speed, quality and space occupied on the memory, are the following:

  1. QuickSave for Instagram
  2. Insta Download – Video & Photo

To download these applications to your device, simply click on the name of the app that will redirect you to the Play Store.

Once you have performed the simple and intuitive procedure that will allow you to download and install the applications on your Android smartphone, all you have to do is open them and start downloading the photos you find on Instagram.

How to download Instagram photos from Android

To download Instagram photos you need to perform the same steps with any of the two applications mentioned above. The passes to be performed are the following:

  1. Connect to Instagram either on the official application (or on the client you use on your device) or on the application you have chosen from the three above mentioned
  2. Find the first photo you want to download from Instagram
  3. Click on the icon made with the three squares one above the other (settings) located under each photo
  4. Select thenCopy URL to share
  5. Go now to the application you have previously chosen and downloaded and paste it into the appropriate bar
  6. Click now onCheck URLor upDownload
  7. Then follow the instructions provided by the application and click on Save Image/Video
  8. Select the folder where you want to save the media file and the game will be done!

download Instagram photos 2The guide to download Instagram photos from Android, you should have been able to download your first photo from Instagram with your Android smartphone / tablet.

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