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How to downgrade an app with AppDowner

How to downgrade an app with AppDowner

Updates usually bring improvements and new features to applications, but not always the case. In fact, some updates bring errors and bugs and in these cases we would like to go back to the previous version. From today we can, let's see together how to do it.

The user Pyler of the forum XDA has recently released a new app called AppDowner, this app allows you to run the downgrade, ie go back to an earlier version of any app. Lapp has an essential and very simple to use interface, it has also been specially designed to keep our data, so we can change the version of the app without any loss of content. Let's see together the operations necessary to make it work and the detailed procedure to be performed.

Preliminary operations:

This app requires root permissions enabled on the device so, before proceeding, make sure you have them enabled.

The application is not yet on the Google Play Store but it is a package. apk therefore to be able to install it we must enable the installation from unknown origins. To do it go to the settings of the phone under the heading security and check the entry unknown sources, finally accept the pop-up system message that appears to us.

  • Application .apk file

To downgrade AppDowner needs the .apk file of the previous version of the app that we want to replace. We will not be able to find this file on the Google Play Store but we will have to download it elsewhere, for example from a site like this Apk4Fun. Once the file is downloaded, put it in a folder we want on the device.

After performing these preliminary operations we can install the app and perform the actual procedure.


  • Step 1: download AppDowner and install it
  • Step 2: once installed, open the app and click on Select APK, here we look for the folder where we have inserted the .apk file of the app that we want to replace and, once found, select it.
  • Step 3: once the file has been selected, there will appear an inscription with the name of the .apk file, we check that it is correct.
  • Step 4: to install the previous baster version click on Install APK. Wait a few seconds and, if the operation was successful, the word Successfully Installed will appear

At this point we can use the previous version of our app, without having lost any of our data.

For any doubt, question or request for explanation, you can refer to the comments form, the Android.Caotic editorial staff remains at your disposal for clarification and support, where possible, in applying the guide to all its readers.


The guide is intended for illustrative purposes, with this the drafting of Android.Caotic does not assume responsibility for any damage occurred to your terminal during the steps, aware of the risks, well exposed, to which it is possible to incur.

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