Kanto Karaoke interface

How to do Karaoke on your PC

If you want to make a fun Karaoke evening with friends, singing your favorite songs in front of the PC and recording your singing performances, you can do it safely by relying on a Karaoke program very complete, among the most used in this field, that isKanto Karaoke, software reviewed in this guide.

In the next lines we will see how to best use Kanto Karaoke, how to install it on your PC, how to use its features to make karakoke from your computer, in a simple and fun way.

Download Kanto Karaoke

To download Kanto Karaoke on your PC with Windows or Mac you can use the link below.

DOWNLOAD |Kanto Karaoke

Click on the button Download present alongside the two versions of the program, based on the operating system used. The installation of the program is very simple, you can safely click on "Next" on all windows without fear, Kanto Karaoke will be available after a few minutes ready to be used. The version I will analyze in this guide is the one available for Windows, but the same program is also available for the version available on Mac. So you can use the information in this guide even if you use MacOS as the operating system.

Main features of Kanto Karaoke

Once the download is complete, click on the Kanto Karaoke program icon to open the interface, which will appear as in the image below.

Kanto Karaoke interface

The interface contains all the main features of the software, very little is needed to start playing a song in karaoke. Below you will find in detail all the various sections of the interface, so as to understand how the program works.

At the center of the program is the media player with the text screen, where you will see the lyrics of the songs played and underlined, with all the buttons to manage playback and to manage recording.

Player Kanto Karaoke

Buttons are also available on the far right of the player Music and background effects is Singer playlist, very useful to be able to record your karaoke with new effects and background music.

To the left of the player you will find the panel with all the settings for the recorded audio.

Audio settings Kanto Karaoke

You can change the tone and tempo (which you can save for future use using the appropriate button), open the MIDI channel management panel (so as to deactivate some channels or change the volume of them with a click), deactivate the channel immediately 4 of the MIDI (the one where the voice usually presents) and change some of the effects available with the program (Chorus, Reverb and microphone delay). All recordings are shown as files in the field Recordings, where you can click to listen to them again or use the button Delete to erase what you think are wrong.

On the right of the player is the screen where you can manage the playlists.

Kanto Karaoke Playlist

You can add new recorded songs and new karaoke to the current playlist, save new playlists and check the new recordings made live on the screen Live Performance so as to decide the musical lineup to sing, also applying fading effects (Fade out and then).

Finally at the bottom of the program, just below the player, you will find the section where to choose the input device (the microphone in most cases). Here you can also see the two power lines for the song being played and two simple buttons to split the screen (to have the karaoke lyrics in another window) and to quickly open a file.

Audio devices and open Kanto Karaoke files

Other program features

To view other useful features you can use the buttons on the top left of the program window.

For example by opening the menu File you can open a new audio file using the button Open file, or open the internal converter using the key Convert MIDI to MP3, as well as various links to other Kanto programs that can be downloaded to your PC.

Kanto Karaoke file menu

The program compatible with practically any type of audio file, even files designed to be played as karaoke (specifically KFN, MID, KAR, MP3, MP3 K5 (Karaoke 5), CDG, ZIP (MP3 + CDG), MP4, WMV, AVI, WAV).

By opening the menu instead Edit you will get a screen where you can customize the size, font and color of the scrolling lyrics in karaoke mode or the background applied to the player window.

Kanto Karaoke edit menu

On the last menu Options you can access the buttons that call up the website, the registration, purchase and program information screen, as well as some options for saving the history of the songs played.

Kanto Karaoke options menu

You can find more information also here:

LINK | How Kanto Karaoke works

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Comparison between the free version and the pro version

The program can be downloaded for free but has limits on the number of songs that can be saved in playlists or on the length of recordings. By purchasing the full version of the program, you will get the following benefits compared to the Kanto version Free Karaoke, where you will have no limitations on:

  • Number of songs that can be imported into the playlist;
  • Recording time of your karaoke performances;
  • Conversion from midi to mp3;
  • Ability to change the background image of the karaoke text, and enable other settings;
  • Other features such as activating background music during breaks and effects such as applause and whistling.

If you are interested in obtaining all the features of the program, I suggest you buy Kanto Karaoke using the link below.

LINK | Purchase Kanto Karaoke

The prices are 39 + VAT for the Standard version and 59 + VAT for the Professional version; for all orders it is possible to use credit cards or PayPal for payments.