How to disable Activation Lock on iPhone

How to disable Activation Lock on iPhone

To discourage thieves from stealing the "precious" devices, both iPhone and iPad, Apple, with the operating system iOS 7 introduced a feature called Activation lock. Such a lock means that others can use your iPhone in case it gets stolen. In fact, before a factory reset can be performed or the block can be removed through customized ISPW or deactivate "Find my iPhone", You are required to enter your Apple ID login credentials. Nothing to complain, this was a good initiative introduced by Apple to ensure greater security and to stop the crime of theft of mobile devices. But there are some situations in which to turn off Activation Lock on the iPhone. In this guide we will see how to do it.

The downside of the usefulness of this function that causes many discomforts those who intend to sell their iPhonee forget to remove the activation block. In fact, with the lock enabled the new device owner cannot perform factory reset and cannot add his iCloud. So, we thought of writing this guide on the procedure to follow to deactivate Activation lock on iPhone, iPad and iPod with iOS 7 and later.

Before proceeding to disable the Activation Lock, it is advisable to check if your iPhone has Activation Lock enabled, to do this I suggest you read the following guide:

LINK |How to check if Activation Lock and Find My iPhone are active

disable Activation Lock on iPhone 10

How to disable Activation Lock on iPhone

  • You openSetting on your iPhone and go in username and then oniCloud.
  • Scroll down and search "Find my iPhone”And deactivate it.
  • When asked, enter your Apple ID login credentials to permanently disable the "Find My iPhone" feature.

Disable Activation Lock on iPhone (iCloud):

  • You on your PC / Mac browser.
  • Enter your account iCloud.
  • Open "Find my iPhone", click on "All devices" to open the list of devices connected to your account and select the iPhone or iPad device whose lock you want to disable.
  • Next to the device name you will see a gray dot and after the device name you will see a circle with a cross inside.
  • After selecting your device which can be an iPhone or iPad, click the cross button next to the device. You will get a confirmation notice, click on Removeand you will remove the device from the account.

disable Activation Lock on iPhone 1

  • Now the device can be restarted. Once the reboot is complete, you will be able to initialize iPhone or iPad normally, via the configuration procedure.

By following these simple steps, it is possible to deactivate Activation Block even from a distance, and now the new owner can fully use it. If you encounter problems, do not hesitate to contact us via comments.