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How to dictate punctuation on Android with Swype Keyboard

Come dettare punteggiatura in italiano su Android con Swype Keyboard

One of the strengths of Android is the presence of a system vocal dictation really excellent, for a few hours, even in Italian punctuation. If until a few hours ago you dictated a sentence, pronouncing punctuation symbols, like two points, comma, point, the device did not recognize them and interpreted them as words. Then fortunately, Google updated the synthesis engines. For lItalian, works only for part of the punctuation: there the exclamation point, the fixed point and the semicolon. Instead, the colon, the suspensive dots and the semicolon are missing.

Having said that a major improvement, those who have always used Swype KeyboardNuance Communications application has never had to deal with this type of problem. With today's guide, we'll see such as dictate punctuation on Android with Swype Keyboard. We state that for the correct functioning of this application, you need one active internet connection.

STEP 1: connected to the Play Store, download from the productivity category Swype Keyboard and install it on smartphone or tablet with Android 2.3 or later. The price of this application of 0.75 euros.

STEP 2: once you activate this keyboard, you will have to set it as default. Directly from Settings, select the item Language and Text, insert the flag next to the item indicating the name of the application and finally press the button OK. Call up the previous one default Android keyboard, by opening Messages, an application that allows you to insert text. Hold for two or three seconds on the key depicting the gear icon and, from the list of available keyboards, select Swype Keyboard. Press in quick succession first on To accept, then on Keep on, up Ignore come on Start using Swype Keyboard.

How to dictate punctuation on Android with Swype Keyboard

STEP 3: the next step is to add the Italian support on the keyboard of Nuance Communications, since it is still set on English. Hold the button down for a few seconds Space and from the press box pops up Pi Languages. After selecting the item Download languages, download the files related toItalian. At the end of the procedure, press the key To accept and, after calling up the keypad, hold the button again Space for a few seconds and then select Italian from the menu that appears on the display.

STEP 4: you are now ready to see such as dictate punctuation on Android in Italian. Press the icon depicting the microphone and say the text including punctuation marks. After dictation, press up end and you will see that the text will be transcribed entirely on the display of your mobile device.

Simpler than this? You can choose to return to the native Android keyboard at any time, as the reversible procedure.

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