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How to delete the last conversation with Google Assistant

How to delete the last conversation with Google Assistant

The simple procedure to delete phrases on the fly that we don't want to be saved on cloud servers

google assistant(Photo: Google)

Delete a conversation you have just had with Google Assistant or simply a very simple and quick sentence not only from the computer, but also through the voice from the smartphone or connected device in the home.

With smart speakers always listening at home and voice assistants on the smartphone ready to intervene at any time, it may happen to say a phrase that would like it not to be recorded on servers on clouds. And perhaps listened to by other ears such as those of those responsible for the quality of the service, which have sometimes been found to test the interaction between users and artificial intelligence.

The easiest way to eliminate on the fly intervene instantly with your voice asking "Ok Google, it wasn't aimed at you" or "Ok Google, delete my last conversation" for longer sentences. The option available by default unlike Alexa, which requires enabling from the application.

In addition, there is the possibility of extending the cancellation to all that is pronounced in the day saying "Ok Google, get rid of today's business." Similarly, you can ask the assistant to clear the last seven days of memory with "Ok Google, delete this week's activity".

Interestingly, the phrase will not even appear from the personal activities page with the assistant. And right from the portal made available by Google you can have a broader and more in-depth look at everything that has been said and at what time with Assistant. You access it from any operating system computer simply by logging in with Google's personal user and you will have full freedom of listening and cancellation by clicking on the three dots next to each file.

For erase everything at once, you must click at the top on Other then "Delete activity for" and select "Always" from the "Delete by date" menu, then confirm.


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