How to deactivate purchases in the App on iPad and make children play safely

How to deactivate purchases in the App on iPad and make children play safely

disable purchases in the App on the iPad

It is not uncommon for unpleasant events to occur that involve children in the misuse of mobile devices, including iPad is iPhone. During the experience of using apparently free games, they unknowingly found themselves in front of paid apps. This can result in exaggerated expenses on credit cards of their parents automatically connected to their iPad or iPhone, to allow the purchase on App Store. To ensure greater safety, the best solution is to disable purchases in the App. The iOS 13 version has improved the security aspect, introducing new features regarding the management and limitation of some apps installed on the device. We see below the steps to block purchases in the app or limit the time of use of the Apple devices supplied to our children.

How to deactivate purchases in the App on iPad and iPhone

Children generally use games that are free in the installation phase, but during the game there are numerous purchase options inside the app. After the free installation, these purchases made directly inside the app, allow the player to advance more quickly inside a game or to have access to more advanced features. Therefore, they are very attractive, especially for the boys who are not able to understand the perverse mechanisms of these applications and how the expenses can rise very much.

Many parents have experienced this type of misadventure with their children on their skin, but there is an easy way to end this very expensive risk, which allows you to deactivate App purchases on your iPad or iPhone.

A method to prevent involuntary purchases on the iPhone and iPad using the function Time of use.

If you've decided to limit purchases on iOS devices, go to Setting -> Use time is Activate “Use time”(The same procedure on iPad and iPhone).

activate usage time

After reading the interesting "Time of use" functions, at the end click on "Keep it going".

time of use

Now two options to choose will appear:

ipad of a minor

If the parent's iPhone

It's my iPhone. Choose this option if you are the parent and do not want a minor to change the restrictive settings you have chosen for your iPhone. You have the option to enter an access code by clicking on Use time-of-use code to create a code. Then re-enter the code to confirm.

parent's phone

If you want to block purchases on the Store, click on "Content restrictions and Privacy" is active "Content restrictions and Privacy"

Content restrictions and Privacy

Now click on "Purchases on iTunes and App Store"And click on" Purchases in the app ". On the next page select "Do not allow".

Purchases on iTunes and App Store

At this point you can go up Settings> Usage time> Content and privacy restrictions, click on "App allowed"And deselect the iTunes Store and Book Store. By doing so, you can prevent your children from buying apps or books.

apps allowed on iPhone

If iPhone belongs to your child

This iPhone belongs to a minor. To be selected in the case of your child's iPhone and you wish to restrict certain functions by entering a code. From here you can set the time of use of the iPhone, only for certain categories of apps or all apps.

your child's iphone

After selecting the categories of apps to be restricted, click on "Set app usage restrictions"Which you find at the end.

disable purchases in the app on iphone

If you wish to block purchases on the iTunes or App Store, click on "Not now"And continue with Content and Privacy. From here you can limit specific content to the App Store, iTunes Store and Music. Click on Keep it going to continue in the settings.

Content and Privacy on iphone

Continue to create the code that will allow you to manage the limitations set for "Time of use".

time code of use

Apple is showing a particular attention to child safety and with this function to prevent purchases in the app in an unconscious way, children can play safely on your iPhone and iPad.