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How to customize gestures and navigation on Android smartphones | …


Google introduced the navigation based on gestures with Android 10, an undoubtedly well-received addition that however has undergone some criticism from users, one of them being the lack of customization of the functionalities and poor implementation of the latter. However, there are some ways to customize features both on Android 10 Here's how.

How to customize navigation with gestures on your Android smartphone

Method 1: Gesture Plus

Gesture plus an app developed specifically for customize the navigation bar on devices with Android 10, adding new features and gestures, giving the availability of multiple actions beyond basic navigation. Here are the steps to use it:

  • Download the app from the Play Store to install it on your Android smartphone;
  • The app can be customized for adding new gestures in the navigation bar, in the home screen and device lock screen. You can also choose between single or double touch gestures according to your preferences;
  • After selecting your preferred method, you can now choose between different actions to be assigned to the types of gestures previously chosen. The default single-touch option set on the action to go back, however can be replaced with any other action that you prefer, including opening the camera, calling a contact, activating or deactivating the flashlight, a screenshot or even starting any app installed on the device;

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<li><strong>You can assign from the app</strong> any of these actions with a single or double touch gesture <strong>from the main screen and the lock screen</strong> of your device using;</li>
<li>It will also be possible <strong>disable</strong> the gestures that provides for the swipe on the edges of the device to go back, replacing it with a single or double touch on the navigation bar to perform the same action. It is particularly useful to us when you used an Android device equipped with <strong>large display</strong>.</li>
<h3>Method 2: Fluid Navigation Gestures</h3>
<p>What time are you in the ranks of <strong>geeks</strong> and if you have enabled root permissions on your Android smartphone, you can also opt for <strong>an alternative using Fluid Navigation Gestures</strong>, which can be configured in a completely similar way to the app mentioned above, following the instructions above.</p>
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