How to customize Android without Root

How to customize Android without Root

You won't believe if I say that most of my friends think it's not possible customize Android without Root, but they changed their minds when they saw my Android device. They have a home of the smartphone all colored with an unusual style, colorful covers or quickbars in Action Launcher 3 and they are rejuvenated. I don't want to invalidate the phone's warranty with root permissions to use these features. Precisely for this reason, we will see below how to customize an Android device without root permissions. We will see how to change the home screen, how to customize the Android icons and other changes.

Even if with the roots permissions you are able to make a device customization in depth, you should also know that freeing up the root also leads to risks, especially for the less experienced Android editors.customize Android 1Having said that, if you think about unlocking the rootsu an Android phone not for you, because you think it is too complex, or because you don't want to void the warranty, here are some changes to customize Android without Root.

If you don't know the advantages of root permissions and how to get them on your Android device, I suggest you read this guide:

How to customize Android without Root


The first thing to do to customize the device is to install a custom launcher A.K.A an application that replaces the home.customize Android Buzz_LauncherFor the uninitiated, a launcher an app that allows you to customize the appearance of the homecos screen as well as the app drawer. They offer enormous possibilities for customization compared to default launchers. A launcher has a myriad of features like gestures, the ability to hide unused applications in the drawerapp, the customizable height and width of a page, links and much more.

I prefer Action Launcher 3 like my default launcher as it is simple but powerful and surprising. Some features require in-app upgrade to Plus. It is stable, fluid and has amazing features like Cover, Shutters, Quickbar, Quicktheme, and much more. I don't think inLauncher 3 you can find a theme that you like, because you have lots of options. This is the beauty of Android – many options to choose from. You can also try Nova launcher, Buzz launcher or altrilauncher. If you are undecided which launcher meets your needs, just read our guides on the 5 best launcher applications for Android devices and the best 11 free launchers for Android devices.

Install new wallpapers (Wallpaper)

When customizing your Android device, you can't ignore the importance of wallpapers. The wallpapers are the easiest way to refresh your device and the Google Play Store full of applications that offer a lot of high quality wallpaper. If you don't want to spend some time looking for the best wallpapers in the Play Store, we recommend the best apps.customize Android wallpaperThe animated backgrounds are very beautiful, they can give new life to the device because they are interactive, fun and lively, so that you don't have to try them. If instead they propose you to install live wallpapers, be careful, because even if they are very beautiful, they will be able to suck up many battery resources.

If you need to install static backgrounds instead of live wallpapers, make sure you keep changing them from time to time because, even if they're beautiful, static glimpses will lose their appeal over time.

Static Wallpaper: Tapet

Live Wallpaper:Chrooma – Mountain now – Dream night

Install Widget on the home screen

Although I don't use widgets much I can't deny that they are very useful. Widgets placed on the home screen, can give a lot of information and control on a particular segment of your device without even opening the application concerned. Instead of opening the music player, you can simply use the widget to play / pause the music. In my case, I got a reorder widget for Google play music on ActionPack QuickPage 3. You can insert any widget on the home screen, such as weather widgets, news widgets, music widgets, etc.

You can rest assured that widgets do not consume as much battery as you will not want to use them. In just a few years, the widgets have traveled and in addition to being useful, they facilitate access to some information and if you don't use it, they absorb very little battery.

Customize Android Icons

Leicone is one of the most important and simplest ways to make your device unique. You may have noticed how some apps have small icons and others have big icons, icons like this just don't fit. This is why you will need to use icon packages. Lecon packs can easily inject a lot of vitality to your device.customize Android icon-packsWe have lots of free packs to choose from and we are not alone with pack packs, I recommend you to choose Icon packs for a fee because they have an excellent support.

Here are the ways to customize Android without root on your device. If you wish, you can also use third-party lock screens to improve the overall experience. There are some really interesting lock screens available in the Google Play Store. I don't use third-party lock screens, because I'm quite happy with the default lock screen that comes with Marshmallow.

Did you like to see how to customize Android without Root? What techniques do you use? What is your launcher, wallpaper, icon pack, and favorite widgets? Share your configuration with us!