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How to create a WiFi hotspot on your Samsung Galaxy S5 [Guida]

How to create a WiFi hotspot on your Samsung Galaxy S5 [Guida]

Summer time and holidays, and it may happen that you go to a holiday resort and not be covered by Wifi networks for connection in the immediate vicinity. If you have devices all with 3G or 4G connectivity there are no problems, but if you have a tablet only WiFi or computer in tow you may find the guide we are going to see very useful today. In fact we will see, for all those who own a Samsung Galaxy S5, such as create a WiFi hotspot to which they can connect with other devices and share the network of their smartphone.

The Galaxy S5 can act as a mobile hotspot, sharing the signal of the cellular network as a Wi-Fi network, the steps to follow are simple and involve very little time available. The only requirement is to have a data plan on the phone, and be careful that it is well equipped with GB because based on the navigation that you are going to make the data consumption will grow, therefore keep everything under control in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in bill.

Below we go to see the simple steps to create a Wifi hotspot on Galaxy Samsung S5, S5 mini, and for 2014 versions of the Galaxy Tab S series tablets, while for previous devices like the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III, Note 3, Note II, as well as others running the previous version of the TouchWiz Nature UX, take a look at the last part of the guide.

  • swipe the notifications screen from the top of the Galaxy S5 home screen, then tap the Settings icon at the top right,
  • in the Settings menu, scroll to find Tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot (in the 'Connections' tab) and click on it to select it,
  • click the On / Off switch at the top to activate mobile hotspot on your Galaxy S5,
  • now, just follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen, write down the name and password of the newly created network, you will need it to connect another device to the new one hotspot.

For those who own another Galaxy device, it just goes in Settings -> Connections -> Pi networks -> Tethering and portable hotspot -> Activate, and that's it!

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