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How to connect PC to TV without cable with Windows 10

How to connect PC to TV without cable with Windows 10

connect PC to TV without cable with Windows 10

If the small computer screen is not enough to watch videos and movies and you want to use a TV screen to enjoy the show to the full, this is the guide you were looking for. There are several methods to connect the PC to the TV, the most commonly used is the connection with the HDMI cable. But the other more practical method, without cable connections, is the connection via WiFi. Of course, to allow this solution, certain conditions must be met, that the computer has Windows 10 as the operating system and that the TV is smart. If these conditions are met, then you can continue reading the procedure to connect PC to the TV without cable with Windows 10.

Connect PC to TV without cable with Windows 10

If you want to know how to connect your notebook to the Smart TV, check some characteristics of the two devices, indispensable conditions that will allow the wireless connection using the home WiFi network. Here then is what you need to check.

  • To meet the necessary conditions, the computer must be equipped with Windows 10 as an operating system and must have integrated the possibility of one Wifi connection is Bluetooth.
  • The television set must be one Smart TV. It means that the TV must be equipped with Wifi connection and connected to the home network via Ethernet cable or via WiFi.

After checking the technical requirements, let's move on to the actual procedure for connecting the PC to the TV without cable. The steps are simple and require no special knowledge, therefore everyone is able to perform them.

Guide to connect your computer to the Smart TV with WiFi

From the smart TV remote control, click on the "Source"Or on the button that displays the selection of external sources and from the menu that appears on the TV, select"Sceen Mirroring".

Sceen Mirroring

This choice allows the TV to accept the screen display of an external device. In our case we have to "mirror" the computer screen. Here's what the TV screen looks like, ready to accept the connection. Consider that each TV has a different setting and wording, but the important thing is to understand the procedure.

PC connection to wireless smart TV

Now we have to go on computer and prepare it for connection to the TV. To do this, open the "Notification Center"That you find as the last icon on the"Tool bar”At the bottom of the screen. From here, check the activation of the Blutooth and connecting to one WIFI network, which must be the same to which the smart TV is connected.

activate wifi

The last step is to click on Connect in the Notification Center to start connecting the computer to the TV without cables but via WiFi.

connect PC to TV without cable via WiFi

Now a new window will open in the Notification Center with the list of devices available for connection. Select the TV on which to share the computer screen.

select tv

The network will try to connect the two devices. If the connection fails the first time, try a second time. When the connection is successful, you will see this screen in the Notification Center.

connection successful

On the TV screen you will see the computer screen in the resolution allowed by your TV. As you can imagine, this feature has great potential. You will be able to work on the computer with a larger screen.

computer screen on tv

Or you can watch videos and movies on your computer using the big TV screen. You can also view photos or worksheets, very useful when working in a team and you do not have a projector on hand.