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How to clear blocked print queues on Windows Guide

How to clear blocked print queues on Windows Guide

In this guide, I'll explain how to delete stuck prints from the Windows print queue. It can happen that a print hangs, with this method you can unlock the printer blocked due to the printing of files that are still in the print queue.

It rarely happens to me, but when a breakup really happens, that is me prints are blocked in the print queue blocking the printer and subsequent files. This problem also happens on the best printers and derives from printing spool errors, file compatibility or some small bug. The blocked prints in the print queue they are a tedious problem and they bring down productivity and also block subsequent prints. In this guide I will explain how to unlock the situation by going to eliminate the files in print stuck in the print queue on Windows.

How to clear blocked print queues on Windows Guide

The simple method

stuck prints on windows - help

If restarting the computer did not work, I propose a method for everyone. The easiest and fastest way is completely delete all print queues. To do this, just follow these steps on Windows 10:

  1. Press the Windows key.
  2. Research Printers and scanners (you may find it inside the Control Panel).
  3. Click on yours Printer.
  4. Click now on the entry Open queue.
  5. Click on Printer at the top left.
  6. Click on Delete all the documents.

Unfortunately, this method works rarely and brute force must be used. Let's proceed with the most effective way to clear the blocked print queue.

The print spooler method

We avoid going for the thin one and we proceed with the elimination of the problem of the print queue directly from the spooler. Let's proceed with these steps:

  1. Open the Control panel.
  2. Click on Systems and security.
  3. You open Administration tools.delete print queue - step 1 - system and administration
  4. Click on Services.delete print queue - step 2 - administration tools - services
  5. Scroll down until you find it Print spooler and open it with a double click.delete print queue - step 3 - print spooler
  6. Now press Stop to temporarily stop printing on the PC.delete print queue - step 4 - stop
  7. Now open a new folder and follow this path: C: Windows System32 Spool PRINTERS. If the PC asks you, press on Continue.delete print queue - step 5 - delete the files
  8. Clear then all the files in this folder. The files here can block prints and even prevent you from adding or removing printers from your system.
  9. Return to the spooler and now reactivate it by pressing the button Starts.delete print queue - step 6 - restart the spooler

This way you deleted the locked files and restarted the print spooler. Now you can go back to printing your files comfortably.