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How to change fonts on Android on a device with and …


If you constantly follow ours guides dedicated to the customization and learning of the settings of the Android operating system you will have certainly understood that there are many things you can do with your device, today for example we will see how edit fonts on Android that are displayed on the operating system, so as to adapt them optimally to your tastes, or to the system interface you are using. Precisely for this reason we have prepared two guides to change fonts on Android whether you have a device with i root permissions activated whether or not you have those permissions.

Change fonts on Android without root permissions

  • first go to settings (Device tab)> Display> Font> Character style,
  • Once there, just choose one of the available fonts, you can also click the Download button in the context menu, and search for more fonts directly on external stores as in the case of Samsung devices,
  • LG also allows you to change the default font on its devices, and if the set provided is not good enough for you, you can always browse its SmartWorld application to get new ones,
  • if you don't use a Samsung or LG mobile phone, you can still have other fonts to use by installing a third party launcher (most of them have this option), such as GO Launcher.

Change fonts on Android with root permissions

First make a backup of the fonts on your device, go toSystem> font> click the small icon that appears as a checklist at the top and then click on the triple point menu icon at the bottom right and use Select All. Then copy the fonts to a safe place using a file manager program.

  • backed up you can indulge yourself to look for fonts on the net, a valid service HiFont, but there are others,
  • once you are in HiFont, you will find a scrolling list with previews of many fonts, choose one, click on it, then click on Download and then on use at the bottom left. After installing the package, you will be asked to reboot the system for the changes to take effect.

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