How to change Apple email ID

How to change Apple email ID

Apple ID a very important component to ensure the security of your Apple account, because, among other things, what you use to make purchases on iTunes is App Storeand the gateway to all Apple's cloud services for purchasing Apple products online: iTunes, Apple Music and iCloud. As you know, when you open a new Apple account, this is associated with an e-mail address that you need to enter. If later this address is changed or deleted, or you do not have access to your email connected to the Apple ID, do not worry, because you can change the email address when you want with the procedure you will see below. If you no longer have the email associated with your Apple account, read on to find the instructions that will allow you to change Apple ID email.

If you want to change the email address associated with your Apple ID, you can do it from any web browser. In most cases, a simple procedure. Unfortunately, there are cases where changing your Apple ID does not work properly: Apple may not allow you to change the email address you wish to use because it is already in use on an existing Apple ID or for other reasons. Don't worry, because we will guide you through the steps to change the email address associated with your Apple ID.

Some things to know before starting

Your Apple ID is an email address, such as (name) @ or (name) @, but the password of your email address does not need to be the same as your Apple account. Although not advisable, it is possible for personal convenience to use the same password as the email account that you will use in the new Apple account for the Apple ID.

Because your Apple ID also has an e-mail address, access to this e-mail address is required for verification of the change. Make sure you know the password of your e-mail account before making any changes.

When you create a new Apple ID, Apple also creates an email address @ for you. This e-mail address linked to your Apple ID and cannot be disconnected or used as a new e-mail address for a different Apple ID without having major problems with AppleCare.

Apple also suggests that you disconnect from your Apple ID on all of your devices before changing your email address, which is mainly why you will not be caught off guard when your old Apple ID no longer works. You will also need to manually disconnect from iTunes and the App Store.

How to change Apple email ID

This is not a complex procedure, just follow the steps we propose using the different methods. You can change the email address directly from an iPhone or iPad from the Settings if you have an iOS 10.3 or higher version. Accessing from the Safari browser from an iPhone or iPad knowing your Apple ID and current password and having the new email address to enter at hand. Or from a browser on your PC or Mac computer. Choose the most convenient option for you.

Change Apple email ID from iPhone in Setup

  • On your iPhone or iPad go to Settings> (your name)> Name, phone numbers, e-mail.

change email ID Apple Setting

  • Next toCONTACT INFO, click on Edit to switch to email editing.

change email ID Apple Setting 1

  • After clicking on Edit, enter the section to replace the email used in Apple ID. You must delete the current email address and replace it with the new email.

change email ID Apple Setting 2

Change Apple email ID from iPhone via the Safari browser

  • Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad and go up like we did from an iPhone in the following example.
  • On your iOS device, enter your Apple ID and password. Click on the arrow to continue.

change Apple web email ID

  • Check your identity by answering security questions or entering the verification code that was sent to your device (depending on whether you have two-factor authentication enabled). In our case we have activated two-factor authentication, so to continue enter the code that appears on the screen.

change email ID Apple web 2

  • After reading Apple's privacy policy, click on Keep it going.
  • In the section Account, click Change the Apple ID.
  • On the next page, enter the new email address to use as an Apple ID. Remember that the new email associated with the Apple account cannot be an existing Apple ID.

change email ID Apple web 3

Change Apple email ID from browser on computer

The last option to change the Apple ID email is to use the browser on a PC or Mac and log in to your Apple account. Follow the procedure in the following guide.

Go to the browser on your and in the page that appears, enter your Apple ID and password.

change email ID Apple browser

  • After entering the access data and clicking on the arrow, if you have activated two-factor authentication, you will see the following image appear with the boxes to be filled with a verification code.

change email ID Apple browser 1

  • On your iPhone or iPad you will receive a first message in which you are notified that your Apple ID account has been used to access a device, click on Allow. You will immediately see a second message containing the Apple ID Verification Code. Enter this number in the boxes on the page opened in the browser.

change email ID Apple 3

  • On the page that opens, click on Account and then on Edit at this section.
  • Under your AppleApp, click Change IDApple.change email ID Apple browser 4
  • Now you will have the possibility to insert the new e-mail address which will replace the existing one.

change email ID Apple browser 5

  • After entering it, click on Keep it going and the new email is stored.

Among these options you can use either of the three, choose the one that seems easier as a process.