How to block unwanted calls on the iPhone

How to block unwanted calls on the iPhone

Do you constantly receive calls on your mobile from call centers that are trying to offer you offers you are not interested in? Do you receive unwanted calls on iPhone at impossible times? Fortunately, a method to block them is there, and you don't even have to configure anything on your device! In this guide I will show you howblock unwanted calls on the iPhone using an app designed for the purpose.

Block unwanted calls on the iPhone

Basically the iPhone operating system allows you to block a specific contact using the blacklist provided, which can be reached in the menuSettings -> Blocked -> Addor by tapping on the contact in the phonebook or in the call log and using the item Block contact.

block unwanted calls on the iPhone

This system is effective for the numbers that have already called you, but for unknown ones you will still have to receive the annoying call first, then block them in the list. Given the ease with which call centers change numbers, this system becomes frustrating in the long run.

To block unwanted calls on the iPhone without even hearing the ringing tone, you can try the service offered by the free Truecaller app, which can be downloaded at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |TrueCaller

block unwanted calls on the iPhone

With this app installed you will get all the features you need to block unwanted calls on the iPhone:

  • Keep calls active without filtering but display a warning screen on unwanted calls
  • Selectively block contacts (such as anonymous numbers)
  • You can use the app list (constantly updated) to completely block any call center call and other numbers identified as "annoying"

In the latter case you will finally be able to block unwanted calls on the iPhone. The calls you will receive will all be legitimate and, if you also block unknown numbers, you will be able to receive calls only from contacts and numbers not registered in the phonebook but "harmless".

The app available for free with advertising banners included; if you intend to purchase the paid version you will get:

  • Possibility to add the Pro badge to your profile
  • 30 contact requests per month
  • You can delete advertisements
  • Automatic renewal of the subscription

It is not necessary to purchase the Pro version to block unwanted calls on the iPhone, but if you are a professional and do not wish to receive more calls you can make the call block even more effective by equipping your iPhone with the paid version.

Other apps to block unwanted calls on the iPhone

There are many apps to block unwanted iPhone calls, the best you can try are the following:

All the apps are effective for blocking unwanted calls on the iPhone and you can use them as alternatives to the Truecaller app if the latter doesn't fully convince you.

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