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How to block the deactivation of Find my iPhone in case of theft or loss …

How to block the deactivation of Find my iPhone in case of theft or loss ...


How to prevent a thief from turning off Find my iPhone on iPhone and iPad

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Apple, on its devices, has introduced a very useful function, callFind my iPhone.

For those unfamiliar with this tool, remember that it is a useful and very powerful function that allows you to track your Apple smartphone or tablet in case of theft or loss. It may sound like bullshit, but I assure you that several people have managed to find the thief of their Apple devices thanks to Apple's My iPhone.

This function is available for free on iPhone and iPad and uses the GPS inserted in the devices. In the event of theft or loss, the owner can remotely track his device quickly and easily. However, the function must obviously be activated in advance on the device in question, otherwise remote tracking will not work.

Not everyone knows it, But theind my iPhone function can be easily deactivated by any thief ap awake. If the person who steals your iPhone or iPad is not exactly a goat, in fact, immediately after having stolen your precious gadget, he can go to the system settings and deactivate the Wind my iPhone function on the fly. This way you will no longer be able to track your device.

This could happen if you haven't moved in advance. In fact, as with any other application installed on iPhone and iPad, You can also set a passcode for theindind my iPhone function. By using a security code (PIN type), in fact, the thief will no longer be able to disable theind my iPhone function after stealing your device. In this way, while he is still puzzling over to find out the code, you can track him down and go find him armed with a club and shovel.

Therefore, to prevent someone from turning off the Find my iPhone function on your iPhone and iPad after theft, you only need to activate the restriction on some system parameters.

In particular, go inside iOS in:

  • Settings> General> Restrictions

Here you have to activate the restrictions on the Location service and the Account.

Selecting in both items Do not allow changes, a four-digit code will be applied every time someone tries to disable these components.

All very simple and fast, but your device will finally be 100% safe and protected even in case of theft or loss.

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