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How to block a website on Android with Hosts Editor

Come bloccare un sito internet su Android con Hosts Editor

If you own an Android smartphone and lend it on numerous occasions, especially in the case of minors, it is important to make sure that they do not have access to certain websites that could disturb their sensitivity. In this regard, I will explain such as block a website on Android with Hosts Editor, a free application released by Bert Cotton within the category tools of the Play Store. We premise that for its correct functioning, you must have run the root on your smartphone.

Introduction: the primary purpose of Hosts Editor, as the name itself says, to block all hosts file present inside your mobile device. What are the above files? In a nutshell, the hosts files are those present on PCs that allow the forced redirection of websites to intentionally chosen IP addresses. So the hosts file they replace the DNS function, guaranteeing the association to a hostname with a specific internet address. The association in question feasible only and exclusively on the PC from which it acts. In this way, you can use the program in order to redirect that site you intend to block towards the IP you will choose.

STEP 1: in reference to such as block a website on Android, connected to the Play Store and download Hosts Editor (197 K) for free and complete the installation (requires Android 4.0 and above).

STEP 2: start the application and click first on the menu key of the device and then on New Entry from the pop-up menu.

How to block a website on Android

STEP 3: at this point a window will open. Type within the field IP Address. To block a specific website, type the address in the field Host Entries (Eg. Then press the button Save New Host. For the changes to take effect immediately, you must necessarily restart the Android device.

STEP 4: following the restart, the site you blocked with Hosts Editor will not be available, regardless of the browser you will use.

STEP 5: the procedure on such as block a website on Android naturally reversible. You can unblock darkened sites with Hosts Editor by simply inserting the flag next to their name. Then just press the Men button and then in rapid succession first up Delete and then on Yes.

To conclude, know such as block a website on Android it can be extremely useful for limiting navigation.

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