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How to AirDrop passwords in iOS 12

How to AirDrop passwords in iOS 12

Among the many new features of iOS 12, including the possibility of scanning QR codes directly from the Control Center and the automatic filling function OTP, another very interesting one that has just come to our attention.

Sharing passwords now easier than ever on your iPhone or iPad. Now you can share passwords simply by using AirDrop. This will allow you to share the password with any iOS or macOS device near you.

How to share passwords with AirDrop in iOS 12

To share a password using AirDrop in iOS 12, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings and tap Password and account .

  • Touch " Password website and app ", then touch the website or service for which you want to share your password.

  • Touch and hold password and touch AirDrop.

Now you can only select the iOS or macOS device with which you want to share the password, and you're done!

The receiver can then simply add the password to your passwords and accounts.

While this won't help you if you're trying to share your WiFi password with another iOS or macOS user, it can surely come in handy if you need to send your password to another device you're trying to access. Especially if you are so forgetful of these things like me.