How to adjust the volume of each Android app

How to adjust the volume of each Android app

It will happen to you to switch from one app to the other having to act continuously on the volume bar on your smartphone or tablet, for example by switching from listening to music to a more relaxing game. Volume changes can disturb both ourselves and those around us, as well as damaging the volume keys in the long run; that's why today I will show you how adjust the volume of each app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Adjust the volume of each Android app

App Volume Control

App Volume Control the best app to manage the audio volume of each app on the device.

adjust the volume of each app

Once installed you can personally choose which app to control and, once the control for a specific app is activated, choose the various volume levels based on the hardware used. The volumes you can check are:

  • Average: the volume of multimedia sounds
  • Ring: call volume
  • Alarm: the volume of alarms
  • Notification: the volume of notifications
  • System: the volume of the operating system

These volume levels can be adjusted in various scenarios:

  • Speaker: when you use the device's audio speakers
  • Headset: when you connect the headphones via audio jack cable to the device
  • Bluetooth: when you connect headphones or Bluetooth speakers to the device

For example, you can set the volume to the maximum for the Music app when you have the Bluetooth headphones connected and at the same time put the volume to the minimum when you are playing a game without headphones. You can also decide the volume of calls and alarms while running the app choice or decide whether or not to show notifications. The fantasy is the only real limit of this app!

Have you finished using the app with the assigned volume? You can choose how to restore the various volumes when the app exits, so as not to risk losing important calls or notifications.

You can install App Volume Control on every Android device you own for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |App Volume Control

The free app with the insertion of advertisements, but a Pro version available without advertising.

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