How to activate Vodafone Free Hotspots

How to activate Vodafone Free Hotspots

Although Vodafone is a very good telephone operator (both for the interesting offers it offers and for its worldwide distribution), it has a defect that many cannot bear, and for this reason they exclude a priori the possibility of becoming customers. This is the sharing of the internet connection through the function Vodafone hotspots, which, unfortunately, to activate it necessary to pay 6 a day. Limitation that infuriates all its customers, including myself. Precisely for this reason I tried to overcome this problem, managing to find a solution that I decided to share with all of you. Here's how to do it activate Hotspot Vodafone free, without having to shell out 6 a day.

How to activate Vodafone Free Hotspots

If you find yourself reading this article it means that you are also interested in activating the Hotspot function on your smartphone with Vodafone manager without wanting to pay 6 per day. To do this, the procedure is simpler than one might imagine.Free Vodafone hotspots

Activate Vodafone Hotspots for free via APN modification

Yes, a simple change from your smartphone settings could definitely solve our problems. Let's find out how to proceed by reading this guide.

NB: Attention! the following procedure does not always work on all smartphones. Therefore, before proceeding, it is advisable to activate the PC Internet Blocking Service from the Vodafone site or directly from the My Vodafone application. In this way, if the configuration is not successful, we will avoid spending 6 euros. To activate the service you will need to go to "Manage Offers", "Other Services" and then activate the "Block Internet from PC" item.

Let's go into the Settings of our smartphone and then on Mobile Networks (or Profiles, or Names of Access Points). At this point let us go about the item APN, where we will find the following items:


What we will have to do is delete the address ""; to do this, just click on it (not on the box next to it) and manually delete whatever is written in the field "Type APN"(The word" not set "will appear in this way. At this point we click on the address""To access the settings and select the item"Type APN". Once this item is selected, we add ", dun"(Without quotation marks) and save (the writing will then be default, supl, dun). At this point you will need to restart your phone to be able to enjoy, for free, the worry-free Hotspot.

Activate free Vodafone hotspots via the app (necessary root permissions)

Alternative solution, for all those who have root permissions, to download the app Free Tethering FIx (you can find it by clicking here). Once started, you will need to press the button FIX IT NOW and grant the required root permissions.

If you have an Android device, you should also read this article on how to activate Hotspot on a free Android smartphone.