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How to activate the "Find My Device" feature on Windows 10

How to activate the "Find My Device" feature on Windows 10

The update of Microsoft Windows 10 dating back to November it brings with it the very practical function Find my device, usually connected exclusively to tablets and smartphones.

This is a very useful feature especially for people who have a tendency to lose or leave your devices lying around. If, as regards desktops, the problem does not exist, for laptops this function can still be very useful. In this study we will go right to see how to activate and manage Find My Device on Windows 10.

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The "Find my device" function and its activation

If such functionality is a custom for the mobile sector, many Windows users do not know of its existence even on this platform. Find my device identifiable through the many entries in SettingsUpdate and security. To carry out the activation it is necessary to follow these steps:

  • going up StartSettingsUpdate and security
  • click on Find my device
  • in the resulting screen you can see a large button with the wording Edit under the header Find my deviceset as disabled
  • therefore activate the function using the modify button, setting the same as activated
  • in doing so, you should have activated an entry on the same page, ie Activate the position setting
  • by clicking on it, you have access to all the various options that can customize the identification of the device that may have been lost

Find my windows 10 device

To verify that the function works correctly, it is advisable to carry out a small test. In this sense, it is recommended to log into your Windows account through this link. Once you have used your credentials to log in, it should be possible to locate the computer on which the feature has been activated in the list Your devices.

If you do not know the name assigned to your device, there is a way to identify it (and therefore check its presence among the computers monitored by the service). In this sense it is necessary to go in StartSystem. From here, opening the window of the Control panel, you can locate the item Computer name.

A still somewhat limited function

The Find My Device feature in Windows 10, albeit interesting, still somewhat limited compared to what is proposed on mobile platforms. In fact, it does not allow you to make the devices emit sounds or to block them, much less to delete data in case of urgency. In fact, therefore, this is an interesting feature only for the careless who cannot find their laptop in a particularly messy house.

Having said that, it is said that Microsoft decides to add the aforementioned features in the future, to make this function really useful especially in the event of a real theft.