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How the PEC works. All you need to know

In this article we will explain how PEC works and we will tell you everything, but everything you should know about Certified Mail

How does Pec work? What are the characteristics of the PEC? Take a fax, take a stack of paper, some envelopes. Done? Good? Now trash it all. S, because the PEC (Certified Electronic Mail) replaces the now obsolete fax communications and the classic paper mail. Not only that, the advantages of the PEC do not end there.

byValentina Falcinelli

This #ARUBAIT, the book created in collaboration with Aruba.itsui the most interesting trends in the world of technology and the web.In this article we will explain how PEC works and we will tell you everything, but everything you should know about Certified E-mail.

What is the PEC for?

As anticipated by the name itself, the Certified Electronic Mail (PEC), unlike ordinary electronic mail gives an extra guarantee: the legal value similar to that of a registered letter with return receipt. Just as established by the Regulations (Presidential Decree 11 February 2005, no. 68)

But what is PEC for?

  1. To send certain documentation, with legal valueIf you need to send a communication with legal value quickly and safely, the PEC is the right solution. This guarantee is given by the way a PEC transmission works.

The sender writes and sends his PEC message to the recipient (another PEC *); the server receives the message and gives the transmission receipt to the sender, when the e-mail reaches the recipient. The transmission certificates for sending communications and receiving communications are valid by law, as they bear witness to two things: the transmission / receipt of the email and the relative time references.

* In the event that the recipient should be an ordinary mailbox, the sender will not receive notification of delivery.

  1. To send communications to some subjects

The mandatory PEC to send communications to the Public Administration, companies in corporate form, professionals registered in registers.

  1. To save on sending communicationsCertified e-mail offers great savings, both in terms of time and money.

As for writing communications to the Public Administration, for example, it would be necessary to make use of the registered letter, and therefore to go to the Post Office, the PEC (alternative to the registered letter with return receipt) saves time and money.

What are the advantages of the PEC?

The Certified Electronic Mail also has numerous advantages.

In short, here are all the pluses:

  • Simplicity. The PEC works exactly like the classic e-mail, so you can manage it both via the web and through a classic client program (eg Outlook or Mail).
  • The PEC is much safer than traditional email because every communication is encrypted and digitally signed. Furthermore, Certified Electronic Mail uses secure protocols.
  • No spam. Do you know all the spam emails you receive every day on your mailbox? Good: forget them. The junk e-mails will no longer arrive because it will not be possible to receive non-certified messages.
  • Legal validity. The PEC has the same, identical value as a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

What kind of PEC do you choose?

There are different types of PEC and each has specific characteristics. During the activation phase of your Certified E-Mail account, you will have the possibility to choose different options for this.

First, you can choose whether to open the PEC:

  • on generic domain (eg:
  • on PEC subdomain of own domain (eg:
  • on your PEC domain (eg:

Aruba has been offering the PEC service since 2006 and over the years it has become the main certified email provider, with over 5 million boxes administered, 2.1 million domains, over 7.4 million email accounts, over 31,000 servers and a total of over 4.7 million customers.

For your PEC, you can choose between:

  • PEC Standard. The most economical and widespread solution, perfect for those who do not intend to use Certified Electronic Mail with assiduousness.
  • PEC Pro. More space for submissions and security archive to store various communications and notifications. The intermediate solution designed for professionals, companies and organizations.
  • PEC Premium. The most complete solution, dedicated to anyone who wants to replace paper and standard electronic communications. Plenty of box space and lots of storage space.

There are also customized PEC business solutions, with consultants available.

After reading this guide, we are sure you have already discarded your fax Good!

Arubait mail PEC certified e-mail