How Parkey works, the parking app

How Parkey works, the parking app

Parkey, the first app that lets you search, book and pay for parking in 3 taps

MilanFor those who live or frequent large cities, they know that moving by car does not just mean dealing with traffic and careful driving, it means above all parking difficulties, and therefore lost time and great unforeseen events. In Milan 30% of the traffic generated by the search for a parking space: just think that every day over one million cars enter the city. And although the mobility conditions of the metropolis are constantly improving, it is estimated that every year citizens spend about 80 hours in a queue.

To try to solve this problem – unless you have opted for car sharing or car pooling services – Parkey arrives, the first free application that, thanks to geolocation, shows the nearest parking lots and allows you to reserve a parking space. All from the smartphone and in just three tap. The application developed on iOS and Android platforms and uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology (low power consumption) integrated into the latest generation smartphones.

The idea came to Alex Pallotti, 34 years old from Milan, who wanted to go beyond the already many apps that help users find the closest garages, adding the possibility to consult the rates and see if there is a free seat. And for these last aspects there was a need to involve the garages directly.

How does it work in practice?

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Parkey geolocates the driver and identifies the closest garages to him or to the planned destination. For each garage, display a card with all the information to book (rates, times and all useful information) and to choose in case of additional services, such as car washing. Once the garage is selected, it indicates the fastest way to reach it and once there, it's enough a tap to enter and a tap to exit, thanks to the smartphone that acts as a remote control thanks to the bluetooth. Payment is made by credit card, entered at the start of the application. No ticket, therefore, no anxiety to lose it, and above all no queue at the cash desk to pay.

We have created a tool that eliminates the stress of finding parking ”,said Alex Pallotti of Cloud Park srl. “Today, many sectors already manage mobility through apps, examples are booking flights, trains, hotels. PARKEY is born from an intuition and was designed by a team of professionals able to guarantee the highest safety standards.

Milan, which will soon host Expo, was the city chosen for the launch of this app, which will soon be introduced in the main Italian and European cities. The app built with a technology designed to be able to integrate other functions inside it: for example in cities with controlled traffic areas, such as Area C, it could manage the payment of the latter within the app.

The app currently available in Italian and English and compatible with all devices with an iOS7 and higher version installed, Android 4.3 and above.


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